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Kenwood Care Assisted Living Centers have been owned and operated by Victoria and John Sessler for 25 years in the Howard County area.  Kenwood Care has four residential senior community houses: Maple Hill in Laurel, MD, Autumn Hill in Fulton, MD, Glen Hill in Dayton, MD and Pine Hill in Laurel, MD.  Each of our homes offers a beautiful residential setting, and they are designed to provide a home-like atmosphere. We take senior care in Howard County seriously which is why we have one of the highest resident-to-caregiver ratios in the state, top-notch medical care, and Alzheimer specialists on staff.

One of the things that makes our independent assisted living communities different from other senior living options is that at Kenwood Care there are no move-in costs or entrance fees.  Kenwood also does not have additional service fees. We won’t nickel and dime you for the care you need when you choose one of our homes for your assisted living needs.

The biggest difference you will find between our senior communities and the other assisted living facilities is that our rates are fixed and affordable.  The cost of your new senior living home will never increase. Ever.  

Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why Kenwood Care thinks fixed costs are so important to seniors:

    1. You have a budget and need to stick to it.  When you planned for your retirement and your senior living expenses, you probably determined how much money you needed to live off each month.  When you make the decision to move into an assisted living home, you know the cost fits into your budget at that point in time. Yearly increases to these prices will blow your budget and make the cost of assisted living unaffordable.  At Kenwood Care, we guarantee that your rates will never increase and will always fit into the budget that you set when you move into your new assisted living community.
    2. Your income is not increasing.  After you retire, your income is set.  You don’t get annual work bonuses or a raise in pay anymore.  You need to choose an assisted living community that fits into your budget today, tomorrow and for all of your years to come.
    3. Services are important.  Other assisted living facilities will charge you as your needs change and you need additional help and services.  The cost of these add-ons can really add up. At Kenwood, we won’t charge you extra for the things you need. It is important to your overall health that you get the best care possible, and we don’t want you to hesitate to ask for assistance because it costs extra.  
    4. You don’t want to move again.  After settling into your new assisted living home, the last thing you want to do is to move again in a few years because you can’t afford the new price.  Seniors need stability and continuity of care in their lives. At Kenwood Care, the affordable price is fixed so you never have to worry about moving again.

Residents at Kenwood Care love our affordable fixed rates.  The peace of mind they have knowing that their new home fits into their budget is priceless.  If you would like to visit one of 4 residential locations in Howard County, Maryland, contact us today.  We would love to speak with you and provide a tour of our assisted living communities.

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