Finding Memory Care Support in Assisted Living

In assisted living, memory care refers to those facilities that are designed and equipped to provide patients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia with a safe, secure, and structured environment. By increasing the frequency of check-ins, these facilities aim to reduce stress,...

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Senior Living Options

When it comes to senior care options, there are a wide variety to choose from. Immediate thoughts about elderly care communities focus on location, cost, and size. Before you focus on these items, let’s take a look at the different senior care options that are...

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Medication Management For Seniors

Medication Management Senior citizens often take multiple medications, vitamins, and supplements to treat various health conditions. Our elderly population may need help with medication management as the number of prescriptions they take increases. Forgetting to take...

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Choose An Assisted Living Home That Grows With Your Needs

When it comes time to choose an assisted living home, it is important to realize that senior living is not one size fits all. That is why assisted living homes come in different sizes, offer different services, amenities, and price points. You’ll need to find the...

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The Cost Of Assisted Living

The cost of assisted living will vary based on the location, size and amenities of the community. A recent study showed the cost can range from $5,000 per month to $10,000 per month. Knowing that your new home fits into your budget is an important step in choosing...

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Benefits of Moving into Assisted Living During the Winter

There are multiple benefits of moving into an assisted living home during the winter. In Maryland, these months bring the cold, ice, snow, and loneliness. These things can be detrimental to the overall health of our seniors. As the weather turns cold, we tend to stay...

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Small, Residential Assisted Living Homes

As you begin to think about senior living, one of the first decisions to make is are you looking for a large facility or a small, residential assisted living home? You will discover that assisted living homes come in all sizes. The focus should be on what is right for...

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Chair Yoga for Seniors

Chair yoga for seniors is growing in popularity as the elderly look for ways to enhance their lives. The benefits of yoga include greater flexibility, improved balance, less stress and better sleep habits. Kenwood Care Assisted Living homes offer weekly chair yoga...

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