Everyone struggles with technology from time to time, but it can also be very helpful. Even if your loved one isn’t great at working a smart phone, there are things you can set in place for them on their phones to help with their every day lives, and you can teach them how it works. There are lots of different apps to help seniors, but there are three key ones you might want to know about.

Apps for the Elderly

Be My Eyes

This app helps seniors “see.” If your loved one cannot see, but needs help knowing what expiration dates are, if their clothes match, or even what the menu at a restaurant says, then this app will be a big help. The user requests help from a sighted volunteer and the two connect over a live video stream. The volunteer can now help the visually impaired user complete the task they need done. This means that, even if your loved one is in assisted living locally, they can get the help they need at any time.


It’s crucial to stay connected with your loved ones, and this app helps you stay connected face-to-face.  Skype allows your loved one to video call friends and family from their phone with ease. All you need to do is set up an account with an email and a password, and you’re good to go. Even if your loved one is in assisted living in Laurel, Maryland, they can call you in Los Angeles, California just to see your loving face with this app.


This app is intended to keep your loved one at the top of their brain game. Studies show that dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be delayed by puzzles and actively using your brain, and this app is exactly that; word puzzles to keep your loved one on their toes. They start off easy and slowly become harder, making your brain work more and more, keeping it in shape.

But Are There More?

There are a lot more apps that can help seniors live better. Things like medical apps, informational apps, leisure and game apps are all available in the app store located on your loved one’s smart phone. All of the apps mentioned above are free and available for both iPhone and Android smart phones.

There are also apps for pill reminders, but here at Kenwood Care we have nurses that will remind your loved one to take their daily pills. Contact us for more details about our services and what we can do to help your loved one feel right at home among complicated technology.

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