As much as we hate to say it, summer is over and it’s been replaced with the crisp, cool days of fall. The leaves are changing colors and Halloween is just around the corner. As an experienced Maryland senior care provider, we thought it would be a great time, with the changing of the seasons, to share some ideas on some fall-themed activities for seniors.

fall activities for seniors

Take a Walk

This may seem self-explanatory, but fall is one of the best times to just go for a walk and take a deep breath with all of the leaves changing colors around you. In our modern world, it seems like everyone is too busy to just take a walk, and things are only speeding up, but every now and then it’s very important to pause and just breathe in.

Make sure to bundle up according to the weather, as some fall days can get quite chilly. You can take a walk around your neighborhood or through a local park. If your senior loved one isn’t mobile enough to go for a walk, then simply sitting on a porch or opening and sitting by a window can have a similar effect.

Prepare for Some Halloween Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays for kids, but it can also be fun for aging adults. Nothing can put a smile on your face faster than seeing all of the little kids showing up at the door in all of their different costumes.

You can decorate the house and make it look spooktacular! Help your aging friends and family members put together little goodie bags of candy, and help them hand out the candy to the children. Do whatever you feel will give your loved one a happy Halloween.

Make Some Festive and Homemade Treats

Many seniors find baking to be a fun and easy task when assisted. There’s no limit to what you can make! Try your hand at some oatmeal raisin cookies, a pumpkin pie, pumpkin pastries, or anything else that embodies the feeling of fall.

Root for Your Favorite Football or Sports Team

While this may not pertain to all seniors, there certainly are enough elderly sports fans out there to include this on our list. To many, fall is synonymous with football season. This is the time when things really start to ramp up in the season, and when the playoff contenders start to take shape. Plus, what’s a Thanksgiving celebration without watching the big game with your family?

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