As we age, things tend to slow down. Physical tasks are more difficult, we don’t recall memories as easily as we used to, and we are often less active both physically and mentally. That’s why maintaining a schedule with activities that stimulate and exercise the body and mind is so important for seniors. Here are four great ways to boost brain health as an aging adult.

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Brain Boost #1: Meditation & Yoga

These two activities can be done at the same time or separately, and help with both mental and physical health. Taking time to calm your mind is helpful in managing daily stresses and assists with memory retention as you age. Find a local yoga studio and try a class meant for seniors or older adults. Have a smartphone or tablet? There are plenty of free mobile applications that provide guided meditation with easy instructions on how to get started.

Brain Boost #2: Read a Book

If you find yourself watching TV in your spare time, pick up a book next time instead. It can be fiction, non-fiction, an autobiography, or any other type of writing that you enjoy. Just because you’re aging doesn’t mean you should stop trying to learn. There are plenty of books available online or at your local library that can be used to learn a new skill. If you’re looking to get a boost in physical activity as well, find a book on gardening so you can start your own garden and grow healthy vegetables or colorful flowers.

Brain Boost #3: Get Enough Sleep

Most things you can do to better your memory and brain health are active, but sometimes passive practices can help as well. Ensuring your mind has enough time to rest is essential and can be accomplished simply by getting enough sleep at night. Establish an early bedtime and feel free to use healthy sleep aids to get a full night’s rest. Set an alarm for the morning and try to avoid sleeping in too late, as too much sleep can lead to mental fatigue. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day can help you establish a routine that is easier to stick to.

Brain Boost #4: Be Social

Whether you’re aging in place at home or already a part of a senior living community, it’s vital to keep a social lifestyle. Invite family over regularly to catch up or telephone a friend weekly just to talk about what’s on your mind. Get some physical and mental activity by participating in local events or day-trips catered to seniors. If you’re not living in an assisted living community and are living alone, consider relocating! These facilities have plenty to offer that can help you maintain a social and active lifestyle as you age.

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