5 Common Concerns with Senior Living Facilities

If you have a family member who resides in an assisted living facility, you likely have concerns and questions regarding their day-to-day care and quality of living.

Let’s take a deeper look into common issues with senior assisted living facilities:

1. On-Site Medical Care

Ideally, the right assisted living facility for your family member will be one that provides a wide range of medical care on-site. Having to transport residents somewhere outside of the facility can be inconvenient and at the worst, a risk to their health.

2. Safety Alert System

If your loved one is ever left alone (whether it be in the bathroom or in their beds), they should be able to call upon a nurse or staff member quickly and easily in case of an emergency. Bathrooms should be equipped with emergency pull strings and beds should always have call buttons that are easy for their residents to reach.

3. Staff to Resident Ratio

The lower the number of patients or residents assigned to each staff member, the more specialized and personal care your loved one will receive. Many assisted living facilities are understaffed, which compromises the health and safety of the residents in their care. Choose a facility with a low ratio to ensure your family member will be best taken care of.

4. Daily Life and Activities

Assisted living isn’t just about healthcare. An ideal assisted living facility will have a wide range of activities planned for their residents. Staff will encourage and provide residents with the proper assistance to participate in both physically and mentally stimulating activities in order to keep them from feeling bored or stagnant.

5. Medication Administration

It’s common to worry about whether or not the staff takes their responsibilities as seriously as they should – your family member’s health is in their hands, after all. If your loved one requires medication on a regular basis, you want to make sure that the assisted living facility where they reside is staffed with highly trained professionals who are trustworthy and responsible.

Kenwood Care is home to 4 Maryland senior living centers throughout Howard County featuring 24 hour care, a 3 to 1 staff to patient ratio, and caring staff that are dedicated to providing your aging loved one with the mental, physical, and emotional help they need to maintain their health and quality of life.

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