Alzheimer’s is one of the hardest diseases to deal with because it presents unique challenges for caregivers and loved ones. In an effort to help make planning activities a bit easier, here are activities to do with Alzheimer’s patients that have proven successful over time.

Activities for people with Alzheimer's

Look Through Old Photos

One of the best activities is to look through old photos from your loved one’s childhood. If these aren’t readily available, print off or find a few older magazines or newspapers from their early adulthood to share with them and spark conversation.

Revisit Old Skills

If your loved one is or was particularly talented at a specific skill, woodworking or piano for example, it’s possible to revisit those skills. Don’t expect the person to be able to play Beethoven on the piano, but if you learn a few simple songs; the two of you may be able to play together. Again, keep it simple in order to prevent your loved one from getting frustrated.

Watch Some TV

Television is a great way to spend time with a loved one, even if it’s not spent in direct dialog. If your loved one had a favorite TV show, or enjoys a sport, consider watching it with them for a few minutes.

Cook Together

If you’re planning on visiting for lunch, bring along some simple ingredient recipe ideas and cook together. For example, bring a plastic knife along and have your loved one cut up some fruit salad. If fruit salad isn’t your thing, consider making tuna salad or baking together and decorating the cookies with icing.

Take a Short Walk

This can be difficult for those with limited mobility, but if your loved one is cleared for a short walk then get outside! Even if it’s a short walk to a picnic table for a 15 minute sit in the sun. Nature is a great activity to become immersed in, and it’s free!

Read to Them

See if they have a book or paper they are reading and ask if you could read out-loud. If you need a good suggestion, bring along a reader’s digest as the stories are short, easy to read, and meaningful.

Visit the Animals

Whether you can bring a pet to them, or take your loved one to the animals, animals are a great activity. For example, visit a local duck pond with some corn and feed the ducks!

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