Bigger doesn’t always mean “better.”

When it comes to assisted living homes, frequently it just means “more expensive.”

Throughout our decades of operation, the Kenwood Care team has helped countless families rethink their existing assisted living situations. Those who discovered the Kenwood Care Difference have never regretted making the change.

Are you dissatisfied with your current assisted living facility? Far too many families share this concern, particularly after experiencing the shortcomings of larger, more opulent homes. Bells and whistles don’t mean much, if anything at all, when mom or dad are not receiving the quality of care their children expected – and they deserved. So many families often come to realize that extravagant decor and empty promises don’t translate into comprehensive, knowledgeable, and compassionate care for their loved ones.

The Kenwood Care Advantage

Kenwood Care Assisted Living in Howard County offers a refreshing alternative. Our homes, located in Fulton, Dayton, and Laurel, prioritize personalized and comprehensive care over superficial allure.

Here’s are just a few components that set us apart:

  • Exceptional Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio: At Kenwood Care, we offer a 2.5:1 resident-to-caregiver ratio, ensuring attentive, 24-hour care for each resident​​​​. We pride ourselves on our live-in caregivers, many of whom have been with the team for decades. Their attentiveness and dedication to our residents allows them to keep families appraised of their loved ones’ well-being, while providing immediate notification if they begin to notice any physical or cognitive changes.
  • Top Medical Expertise: We regularly collaborate with the best medical partners in the state, including Alzheimer’s and dementia specialists, providing your loved ones with the highest standard of medical and memory care​​​​.
  • Affordability and Transparency: Our rates are fixed, with no hidden fees or entrance costs. And this never changes. This unique, and previously unheard-of approach guarantees financial clarity and peace of mind for families​​.
  • A Sense of Home: At Kenwood Care, we believe in creating a warm and loving environment. Our four Howard County homes are designed to evoke a family-rich setting, where every resident is treated with kindness and respect. Our presiding goal is centered on making your loved ones feel at home, offering them a safe and joyful living experience​​.

A Better Choice for Senior Care

Families often find themselves wishing they had chosen Kenwood Care first, saving time, money, and unnecessary stress on all involved parties.

Our focus on genuine care, rather than superficial offerings, provides a nurturing haven for seniors, and an abundance of peace of mind for families who only want the best for their aging loved ones.

If you’re exploring assisted living options in Maryland, consider Kenwood Care. We offer an unmatched blend of personalized care, medical expertise, and affordable pricing, all in a comfortable, home-like setting. Schedule a consultation with our team today and discover the Kenwood Care difference.

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