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Finding an assisted living facility that meets your loved one’s needs can be a stressful process. It’s important when finding an assisted living facility you come prepared with questions that will help you find the right fit for your loved one. Ask these 3 questions when interviewing an assisted living facility.

What activities happen year-round? If you’re visiting in the summer-time you’ll probably find a lot of activities planned because of the good weather. What about activities in the winter? Especially with an assisted living center in Maryland, cold weather can force daily activities inside for 5-7 months. Be sure that fun and engaging activities are planned year round, and be sure it’s something you loved one will enjoy. If the assisted living center is planning creative, fun activities year-round then the staff obviously cares about their residents.

Does the facility have a doctor on-site? What types of certifications and schooling is required of the staff at the facility? If your loved one requires physical therapy or other special needs, see if the assisted living facility has these services on site. If they do not, how can they get your loved one to these services when necessary?

What is the Cost? It’s a no-brainer to eventually ask what an assisted living facility costs, just be sure to also ask about any of the additional fees as well. For example, does the assisted living facility charge more if a loved one requires more care over time? What other fees could get added on to the monthly bill? You want an assisted care facility which has transparency in their billing to avoid any surprises down the road.

It’s extremely important to remain diligent when finding an assisted care facility for your loved ones. Be sure to ask as many questions as you can so you can be 100% confident and comfortable that the assisted living facility you choose is a good fit.

If you’re looking for an assisted living care facility in Maryland, consider visiting a Kenwood Care Assisted Living location. Kenwood Care is a safe and comfortable place for your loved one to spend their remaining years. Contact us today to discuss your loved one’s care needs and find out how we can assist in meeting them for years to come.

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