Assisted Living Home Vaccine Distribution

The state of Maryland is currently in phase 1C of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. This phase includes assisted living home vaccine distribution. Kenwood Care has been working non-stop to get the residents and caregivers of their four Howard County, MD assisted living homes for vaccination.

The  Maryland Department Of Health has recently provided the dates for Kenwood Care Assisted Living Homes vaccine distribution. Kenwood will receive vaccinations from both CVS and Walgreens. Both pharmacies are partnering with our local government for the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinations will occur in our residences.

 Assisted Living Home Vaccination Schedule

Provider Residence 1st Dose 2nd Dose Checkup
CVS Glen Hill 3-Feb 24-Feb 17-Mar
Walgreens Maple Hill 11-Feb 12-Mar 2-Apr
  Pine Hill 11-Feb 12-Mar 2-Apr
  Autumn Hill 11-Feb 12-Mar 2-Apr


 Who Will Receive the Vaccination

All residents and staff members of Kenwood Care are eligible to be part of the assisted living home vaccine distribution.  This also includes those members of the Kenwood Care staff that rotate in and out of our homes.

 Residents who would like to be vaccinated must complete a vaccination authorization from their primary family caregiver.

 Once vaccinations begin, we need to stay patient and vigilant when it comes to visitations and medical services within our residences.  We can all agree that we want a return to normalcy. Kenwood will continue to seek the advice of our medical partners on how to increase safe interactions.

Remaining COVID-Free

Kenwood Care has remained COVID-Free throughout this pandemic.  Our live-in caregivers have been a driving force in our ability to keep the virus out of our four homes. We have also remained strong in our commitment to CDC guidelines, our virtual visitation plans and our limits to outside visitors.  

If you are in need of an assisted living home for your loved one, Kenwood can help.  We have implemented a step-by-step quarantine process to move new residents into our homes.  This comprehensive plan will ensure that we remain virus free.

Contact Kenwood Care for your assisted living needs.  The comfort of home.  The care you need.


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