As family members age, many may encounter mobility or health issues that make it difficult to continue living on their own. Transitioning to an assisted living home can be an option. But there remain many misconceptions and myths surrounding the concept of assisted living that might make families or aging seniors hesitant to consider the move.

Here are just seven common assisted living myths debunked to help you make a more informed decision for yourself or a loved one.

Myth #1: Assisted living is expensive. The cost of living is nothing to sneeze at. But far too many assume that assisted living homes are extremely pricey or outright unaffordable. This is simply not always the case. Not only does the cost of assisted living vary depending on factors such as location and amenities offered, but many homes work with insurance companies providing long-term care insurance (LTCI) to offset the cost of living.

Kenwood Care understands the confines of working within a fixed income. That’s why we offer affordable fixed rates at all four of our Howard County homes, which include amenities such as 24/7 awake and overnight care, fully furnished accommodations, medication management, housekeeping services, and so much more. We charge no entrance fees, no additional service fees, and rates never increase. Ever.

Myth #2: Assisted living is impersonal. Transitioning to an assisted living home is all too frequently viewed as a robotic, sterile, and impersonal experience. But well-run assisted living homes staffed with compassionate caregivers work above and beyond to forge relationships with their residents. Many facilities also offer common areas for residents to socialize and participate in activities together.

In operation for more than two decades, Kenwood Care Assisted Living prides itself on offering a comfortable, stress-free environment for our seniors to grow older in. Our facilities have been designed to provide that unmistakable sense of “home” – far from the detached institutional image many may mistakenly imagine. Most importantly, our live-in caregivers have been with us for years and do everything possible to truly understand and cater to our guests’ needs.

Myth #3: Assisted living is lonely and isolating. Some people assume that assisted living homes are places where seniors sit alone in their apartments all day, just growing older. Not true. In many cases, assisted living homes provide ample opportunity for seniors to socialize with one another and with staff members. Additionally, many homes offer daily opportunities for residents to engage in activities or outings, such as group exercise classes or trips to local attractions.

Kenwood Care works overtime to deliver the comforts of home and the care our aging seniors need. Accommodations allow for optimal privacy whenever needed, while still encouraging enriching social engagement. From inviting common areas where seniors can gather and converse to beautiful, outdoor communal areas where our activities coordinators can work with groups, each of our homes has fostered a continual sense of community that residents respond to.

Myth #4: The food is horrible. Dietary needs vary from resident to resident, but that never means food should be bland or unappetizing. Far from it. The best assisted living homes hire professional chefs to create nutritionally balanced and delicious meals, and Kenwood Care is no exception. Our exceptional team prepares all meals on-site, complying with any food allergies or restrictions your loved ones may have. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always on the menu, which includes three meals per day and two snacks. Most importantly, we emphasize flavor and aroma while cooking with love, which helps meals taste better – and helps residents feel better, awakening memories of home-cooked meals from their youth.

Myth #5: The days drag on. The general assumption is that assisted living homes are boring. But once you walk through the doors of a thriving home, you’ll see that nothing is farther from the truth. Activities can range from arts and crafts classes to games, outings, and, of course, daily exercise.

Kenwood Care understands how critical physical and mental stimulation are to our seniors’ happiness. Our three activities coordinators design programs that deliver joy, stimulation, strength, and mobility to our residents daily, while helping to improve their quality of life through exercise, entertainment, and lots of laughter.

Myth #6: You can’t room with your spouse. Many seniors believe they will not be able to stay with their spouse if they move into an assisted living home. At one time, that may have been true – but today’s homes offer accommodations that cater to couples while ensuring each partner receives the support and medical care that they need.

By offering multiple levels of care, Kenwood Care can help many loving couples remain close to one another in the same community, and often in the same room or suite – maximizing comfort and security.

Myth #7: You have to be sick or disabled to move to an assisted living home. Assisted living is not only relegated to aging individuals who are ill or no longer able to care for themselves. Many seniors simply find themselves in need of a little extra assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as cooking or housekeeping. Assisted living helps to alleviate these stressors, allowing seniors to live a comfortable and more fulfilling life.

Here’s a plain and simple fact: Kenwood Care’s primary goal is to ensure the comfort of our residents and improve the quality of their lives. Our assisted living homes offer a full spectrum of services so that once a senior moves in, they will never have to move again.

Don’t allow assisted living myths to derail a healthier future for you or a loved one. Discover the Kenwood Care difference. Contact us today to request a free consultation.

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