When you’re young, you rely on your parents to provide you with healthy meals every day. As you get older, that responsibility becomes your own. When you reach old age, it can be difficult to stick to a well-balanced and nutritional diet without assistance. That’s why nutritional care in assisted living is so important which means that it’s vital for assisted living facilities to promote nutrition through special meal plans.

Assisted Living with Nutritional Care

Here are some ways senior assisted living centers are helping to ensure that their residents are living their healthiest lives through nutrition:

#1 – Home-Cooked Meals

It’s easy to fall into the fast or processed food trap – these foods are quick, cheap, and easy to prepare. The downside? These foods are widely known to be unhealthy. Cooking meals from scratch may take more time and effort, but it’s a surefire way to make sure the meals that facilities provide contain the vitamins and nutrients that the body needs most.

#2 – Enjoyable Substitutions

It’s a common misconception that healthy meals don’t always taste the best. However, there are plenty of ways to incorporate healthy alternatives into meal plans without compromising flavor. There are plenty of spices that can be used to replace salt for those with sodium restrictions, and healthy fats like avocados, cheese, and nuts that can be substituted for foods high in saturated fats.

#3 – Flexible Dining Schedules

Giving seniors access to these home-cooked meals all throughout the day allows them to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner whenever it fits appropriately in their schedule. Recreational and social activities can be enjoyed before or after meals, whichever is best suited for the resident.

#4 – Using Resident Input & Feedback

A respectable assisted living center will encourage feedback from residents regarding their menu so that they can learn what residents do and do not like. A suggestion box is also a good idea – this way, residents can make recommendations to nutrition specialists and even request some of their favorite meals.

At Kenwood Care, we understand the importance of nutrition and have structured meal plans designed to fit the nutritional needs of all of our residents. We center our home-cooked meals around fruits, vegetables, and other foods that promote good health. We take special care to adjust meal plans for those with allergies and other food restrictions.

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