There are multiple benefits of moving into an assisted living home during the winter. In Maryland, these months bring the cold, ice, snow, and loneliness. These things can be detrimental to the overall health of our seniors.

As the weather turns cold, we tend to stay indoors more often. Going outdoors becomes a challenge. We have concerns over icy sidewalks, driving in the snow, extremely cold temperatures and darkness.  All these things can contribute to falls, especially in our older population. According to the NIH, 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 falls each year. Many of these falls lead to broken bones and hospitalizations.
benefits of assisted living in the winter

During the warmer months, we are more able to visit more freely with friends and neighbors. The change in the weather reduces our opportunities for socialization. This can cause our seniors to feel isolated and lonely which can lead to depression.

Moving into a senior living community, like Kenwood Care Assisted Living, during the winter, allows our seniors to stay safe and socially engaged all year long. At Kenwood, we offer the care you need with the comfort of home.

Benefits of moving into an assisted living home during the winter months include:

    • No outdoor home maintenance.
    • Snow and ice removal to keeping you and your visitors safe from falls.
    • No more worrying about groceries or prescription drugs during a snowstorm.
    • Reduced anxiety over weather related issues.
    • Socialization, interaction and exercise activities every day.
    • Services like physical therapy or podiatry come to you.

Our Homes

Kenwood Care owns and operates 4 assisted living homes in Howard County, Maryland. Our facilities are small, residential homes offering you affordable and comfortable accommodations. We provide as much or as little assistance as needed. This allows our residents to maintain independence and age with dignity.

Our assisted living facilities were designed to make them as close to a home as possible. The rooms are fully furnished with quality, comfortable furniture. The common areas are organized to offer places for both group and individual activities. The accommodations we provide allow for privacy and  group interactions.

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Contact us today to schedule a visit to see if we are the right assisted living community for you. We have immediate openings available. If we are not the right fit for your needs, we are more than happy to help you find the right option.

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