“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” – William Butler Yeats

benefits of semi-private rooms

Moving into an assisted living home is often a complete change from what our aging seniors have grown accustomed to throughout their rich and productive lives. As they make the transition, concerns about privacy – both on their behalf, and their families – often rise to the surface. The desire for independence is a force to be reckoned with, and rightfully so.

Still, sharing a room with a fellow senior may be a blessing in disguise, particularly for our seniors who are beginning to experience memory issues.

Consider the many benefits of semi-private rooms for your loved one:

They ease the transition: Up to this point, our seniors have spent their entire lives in their homes, surrounded by the people they love and have cared tirelessly for. When it comes time to make a change and move into an assisted living facility – the adjustment largely depends on the individual. Many may be social butterflies who acclimate to a new home instantaneously, while others feel a sense of relief that their caretaking days are behind them – no lawn to mow, no carpets to vacuum, no dinners to make. Some seniors, however, need more of an adjustment period. One of the benefits of semi-private rooms is that it makes such a big change seem more manageable. This is particularly effective when roommates who have different strengths and interests are paired – the go-getter and the quiet observer , for example – as it helps to foster a sense of camaraderie and purpose in both seniors.

They provide companionship: One of the biggest benefits of semi-private rooms in assisted living homes is the opportunity for socialization = and even burgeoning friendship. Seniors with cognitive deficits, specifically, frequently benefit from having a roommate. Aging seniors can occasionally experience feelings of loneliness and even fear at night. It helps to know that someone else is nearby and feel a comforting presence in the room.

They promote better health: Roommates may actually help to keep each other healthy.

Loneliness is not only an emotional response but is also considered to be an increasingly serious public health risk. So says the CDC. When assisted living care is required, partnering with an assisted living home that is passionate about its residents and their happiness is, by far, the best first step. Considering the benefits of semi-private rooms is another.

While tricky to measure, studies have repeatedly shown that isolation contributes to a risk of premature death from all causes. It was also associated with a 50% increased risk of dementia and elevated rates of depression and anxiety. Having good friends and compassionate caretakers to confide in – not to mention seeing friendly, smiling faces from day to day – has been shown to ward off potential health concerns.

Kenwood Care understands the benefits of semi-private rooms and specializes in helping families find the right fit for their loved ones. We are also meticulous about roommate selection and would never pair two seniors together who were clearly not compatible.

Kenwood’s four residential homes were designed to make them feel as close to home as possible, all while providing as much or as little assistance as our senior residents need. Private and semi-private rooms are furnished with comfortable furniture, where seniors can relax or perhaps chat with a roommate. Our public areas are equipped for both group and individual activities, allowing for optimal privacy or socialization – whichever is preferred. Contact us today to schedule a visit to see if we are the right assisted living community for you. Immediate openings are available.

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