Chair yoga for seniors is growing in popularity as the elderly look for ways to enhance their lives. The benefits of yoga include greater flexibility, improved balance, less stress and better sleep habits. Kenwood Care Assisted Living homes offer weekly chair yoga classes in all four of its Howard County locations.

The chair yoga practice for seniors includes stretching, breathing exercises and meditation. Many seniors view yoga as something that is “too hard or complicated” because traditional yoga requires getting up and down off the floor. Luckily, yoga can be modified for seniors using a chair or their wheelchair. Allowing seniors to stay seated during the yoga practice makes them feel more secure in their movements.


Chair yoga for senior poses include:

  • Spinal twists
  • Hip stretches
  • Neck stretches
  • Chest openers
  • Forward bends
  • Backbend arches
  • Side leans

Chair yoga has the benefits of:

  • Low impact on joints
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Improves balance
  • Combats depression

At Kenwood Care, our dedicated chair yoga activity coordinator ensures that residents are performing the poses correctly. Our chair yoga expert tailors our classes to the abilities of our residents. This is important to avoid injuries and to receive the greatest benefits from the exercises. Our residents also enjoy the social aspect of these classes with their housemates.

Our Homes

Each of our four Kenwood Care homes offers comfortable accommodations, exceptional care and a variety of services and activities in our assisted living residences. We provide as much or as little assistance as your loved one requires. This allows our seniors to maintain independence and age with dignity. At Kenwood, our rates are affordable and will remain fixed for as long as you are a resident with us.

Our assisted living facilities were designed to make our residents feel like they are at home. Our common areas are organized to encourage socialization and group activities. The accommodations we provide allow for privacy and alone time, as well as group interactions.

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