As we get older, our needs change from day to day. Sometimes we need help remembering our medication or with laundry. Sometimes we need a little help with meals and staying active. It’s simply part of getting older.

There are many seniors who think of assisted living homes and nursing homes as the same thing. However, this is not the case. Assisted living homes offer a different level of care than a nursing home. Today, we’re going to take a look at the most important differences between assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

differences between assisted living and nursing homes

What Kind of Medical Care Does Your Loved One Need?

Medication mix-ups are a common emergency room trip for seniors and they can be very dangerous. Assisted living home offer assistance with administering and managing medications. Nursing homes offer similar services, but they tend to be more comprehensive. Seniors who need around the clock care may be better suited to a nursing home facility, whereas a senior who only needs help here and there may be better off in an assisted living home.

Finding the right place for your loved one is all about meeting their needs.

What Makes Both Facilities Similar?

Both nursing homes and assisted living facilities are secure environments that offer supportive services for seniors. For example, if there is a resident who has problems with their memory—and they are known to wander—both types of facilities will make sure they do not wander off unattended.

Support services for seniors in assisted living facilities and nursing homes include social engagement, brain games, and other helpful resources which help your loved one stay active during their stay. These activities tend to be a bit more “active” at assisted living homes in accordance to the capabilities of the residents.

So, Which Facility is Right For Your Loved One?

At the end of the day, the determining factor for your loved one’s care is how much care they need. If your loved one needs intensive medical care, then a nursing home is going to be a better fit than an assisted living facility.

However, if your loved one is looking to enjoy a more active lifestyle and can manage with moderate assistance, then an assisted living home is going to meet their needs.

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