Needing a seated mobility device to get around every day might not be the most convenient aspect of your life, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable! If you spend most of your day sitting, the last thing you want is a wheelchair or scooter that leaves you aching and sore. Check out these tips on how to get comfortable in a wheelchair.

Getting Comfortable in a Wheelchair

Pick a wheelchair that best suits your lifestyle.

You might be someone who relies completely on a wheelchair to get around, or you may only use it for a few hours a week. The amount of time you spend in your wheelchair will help determine what type of chair will work best for you and your lifestyle. For more extensive use, consider wheelchairs with extra support and cushion than what is standard for basic models.

Use a cushion.

There are many types of cushions available that are specifically designed to make your wheelchair a more comfortable place to sit. They can be fitted to your chair and body type, and can be placed almost anywhere you desire on your wheelchair, from the seat to the armrests.

Get lumbar support.

Support for the lower area of your back is very important, and lack of it can really weaken your back over time. There are products made specifically for lumbar support in wheelchairs, but you can roll up a small towel to lean back on for support as well.

Maintain proper posture.

Believe it or not, there are things that you can do yourself to make your wheelchair experience more comfortable. Practicing proper and upright posture when using your chair can help promote comfort and reduce the frequency of a sore or aching back and neck.

Recline the backrest.

Although proper posture promotes comfortability, it can sometimes be tough to sit perfectly upright all day long. Reclining while you’re not in motion promotes relaxation, and even small adjustments in the position of the backrest can help you avoid slouching in your wheelchair.

Adjust the armrests and footrests.

Your back and bottom might be easily comforted with pillows or cushions, but don’t forget about your arms and legs. Most wheelchairs have adjustable arm and footrests so that your chair can fit your body size perfectly and won’t leave you feeling too cramped.

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