Talking with your parent about retiring from their time behind the wheel is a conversation most families struggle to have in an effective way that yields desirable results for all parties. Understanding the goals of the conversation before sitting down to have it is vital to a successful discussion. Whether it’s consulting an expert on assisted living in Maryland or working with your parent’s doctor, be sure to use the resources around you.

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Why This Conversation is Clutch

The number one reason to have a discussion about your parent no longer driving is safety. Senior citizens are known to be a higher risk to cause an auto accident whether that be from diminishing vision, lack of mobility, reduced ability to make quick decisions, or a host of other causes. While this obviously poses a threat to those around them, senior citizens can also be at a higher risk of personal damage when in an auto accident because of frailty. Knowing the capabilities of your parent before you have this conversation can aid in how you approach the topic.

The Keys to Stifling Concerns and Pushback

No matter how much you prepare and how much compassion you bring to the conversation, a little pushback and a lot of concerns are not uncommon. Being prepared to respond to these ahead of time will help you move along the conversation and ultimately make the best decision for your family.

One catch-all response to concerns and pushback can be a visit to an eye doctor, physician, or even your local MVA to take an eye exam for drivers. These professionals can help provide some validity to your wishes for your parent to retire from driving.

Cruise into Maintained Mobility

Feelings of loss of dignity, mobility, and autonomy are common when your parent gives up their driving career. Fortunately for you and them, there are plenty of options available to help them maintain their mobility and not miss out on any trips they might need to make.

Maryland assisted living professionals are able to help your family in making the transition from personal driving to relying on others for transportation. Whether that’s adjusting to social rides from family, friends, or professionals or group rides from the comfort of an assisted living home, know that your parent will have plenty of options to enjoy life and get where they need to go.

Life in the Fast Lane with Kenwood Care

No matter your family’s situation, the assisted living professionals at Kenwood Care in Howard County are here to help you make the right decision. With 24-hour care and a 2.5-to-1 resident-to-caregiver ratio at our four residential homes, we offer the services your parent may require as they age, including access and transportation to the things they need.

Not ready for assisted living? Kenwood Care can help you develop an effective plan for your parent to age in the comfort of their home with our expert services. Give us a call today to discuss your family’s needs.

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