As you age, it gets difficult to be as active as you once were when you were young.

Incorporating certain activities into your daily routine can help you maintain good physical and mental health.

How an Active Day Leads to an Enriched Life

The Benefits of Staying Active

Reduces Heart Problems

Participating in regular cardiovascular exercise or other activities that raise your heart rate increases blood flow to your heart, which can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Improves Bone Density

The rate at which we heal lowers significantly as we age. With regular exercise, your bone density can improve, which helps to prevent falls and speed up the healing process.

Helps Manage Chronic Pain

Whether it’s arthritis or an incurable disease that’s causing you pain day in and day out, getting regular physical activity can do well to alleviate or at the very least lessen their symptoms.

Improves Mental Health

Research shows that exercise not only does amazing things for the body, but also for the brain! It helps with creativity and can prevent memory loss and dementia. It can also give you more confidence and independence, reducing fears of failure and codependency.

Helps You Live Longer

Because leading an active lifestyle can reduce heart problems, improve bone density, improve mental health, and manage chronic pain, it’s a no-brainer that it improves your overall quality of life. Studies show that seniors who make it a point to stay active as they age actually live longer than those who lead a sedimentary lifestyle.

What You Can Do To Stay Active

  • Take daily walks or jogs
  • Visit family out of town
  • Attend a grandchild’s sporting event
  • Take a shopping trip to the mall
  • Take a bike ride or use a stationary bike
  • Visit the local farmer’s market
  • Set up a stretching routine for when you get out of bed every morning
  • Sign up for activities that catch your interest at your local senior center
  • Take up a new outdoor hobby like gardening or birdwatching
  • Perform chair exercises
  • Practice yoga and meditation
  • Take an aerobics class at your local gym
  • Set up a weightlifting routine with small weights and a personal trainer
  • Participate in local charity walks

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