Is Assisted Living Safer Because of Vaccine Distribution? Kenwood Care owns and operates four assisted living homes in Howard County Maryland. All four assisted living homes (Maple Hill, Pine Hill, Glen Hill, and Autumn Hill) have reached full efficacy. All residents and staff have received the vaccination. Our unique model of live-in caregivers allows Kenwood to always have staff that are fully vaccinated. 

Throughout the pandemic concern has been high regarding the safety of our residents and our staff. Kenwood Care has worked tirelessly with our medical partners and our geriatric care specialists. With them, we were able to establish and maintain vaccination and visitation protocols. The distribution of the Covid-19 vaccination, and our work with the Maryland Department of Health, has allowed us to remain Covid-free during the entire pandemic and into 2021.

assisted living safer with the vaccine

Are our homes safer due to the vaccine? 

The answer is, yes. Our homes are safer due to the vaccine and more. 

While Covid is a concern to us all, the overall health of your loved one is our primary concern. We work with the best-in-state medical partners and top Alzheimer specialists. This allows us to provide an overall care protocol that is not as readily available as some larger facilities. 

Our owner Victoria Sessler was quoted in an interview about this very topic. She said, “We know our residents, so we know when there’s a subtle change in their care needs. When you have the closeness of our live-in care, you can detect those subtle changes and get intervention and hopefully avoid a hospitalization of a senior, and that to us is the core of what we do”. 

Our Goal

Kenwood’s overall goal is to provide a home-like setting for the comfort of your loved one. We layer this with the level of medical resources of the large scale facilities. Whether the concern is Covid, or any senior issues, we provide an intimate level of oversight. This allows us to achieve our goal of top-notch care. 

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