Seniors living alone encounter difficulties that we don’t worry about day to day. Things like going to the bathroom can become more difficult as the days go by, and it’s important to know that your loved one can handle being alone, even when you want them in assisted living. Today, we’re going to look at some potential senior home safety problems if your loved one is living alone, and how to help them even when you aren’t there.

senior home safety

The Threat of Falling

When seniors fall, it’s not always a guarantee they can get back up by themselves. No matter what flooring your loved one has, they can trip and hurt themselves. Medical alert systems are a good thing to give seniors for this problem, and something you should consider getting for your loved one if the threat of falling is an issue. Medical alert systems are also used in other medical emergencies, so whether it’s falling or a heart attack, your loved one is prepared and will receive the help they need. However, many seniors may not be eager to embrace medical devices. Living in an assisted living home will ensure that your loved one is safe and will receive immediate medical attention for any fall.

Potential Break-Ins

The threat of a potential break in is scary, especially if your senior is living alone. If an intruder attempts to break in, that could mean a number of problems for your loved one. Things could be stolen or broken, and no one wants that. At Kenwood Care, we have 24/7 caregivers to ensure that your loved one is safe and sound.

Keeping the House in Order

With your loved one living alone, they may not get done the house cleaning that needs to be done. Issues like dirty dishes, dirty laundry, or a dirty space can build up over time and create an unhealthy environment that can negatively affect your senior. Hiring a cleaning service, or doing it yourself, can help your loved one live better on their own, but considering the cost, it may end up costing you more than you’re comfortable with to only address one problem.

Another common household issue your loved one may run in to, is the temperature. Seniors tend to have more trouble regulating their body heat, therefore they may set the thermostat too high or too low. This may lead to unforeseen consequences, like overheating and passing out, or hypothermia.

Monitoring the temperature inside the house will allow your loved one to feel comfortable, even when the outside temperature isn’t ideal. Before you leave your loved one’s house, be sure to make sure that the temperature is good so that your loved one is comfortable.

What Else Can I Do?

You can only help your loved one so much. If you’ve decided that the stress of your senior living alone is too much for your family or you want your loved one to be safer, contact Kenwood Care for your Howard County assisted living needs. At Kenwood Care, our priority is on keeping your loved one safe in a residential environment that encourages joy and positive living. Whether they’re struggling with symptoms of dementia or they simply cannot keep up with the challenges that life has to offer, we can help them live a full and enriching life here in our assisted living homes in Maryland.

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