Since opening its doors in 1995, Kenwood Care has developed a reputation for its one-of-a-kind environment emphasizing comfort, unparalleled care, and compassion for aging residents.

Owners John and Victoria Sessler agree: In addition to the families that entrust their loved one’s golden years with the assisted living home, it is Kenwood Care’s unique live-in caregiver model that is responsible for the continuity of care provided.

Live-in caregivers are what sets Kenwood Care apart from other senior homes and facilities. Not only does it provide families with consummate peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are being attended to around the clock – but it simultaneously provides a selfless subsection of professionals with everything they need to do everything they can for others.

For example, in addition to free board and lodging, Kenwood Care foots the bill for all training, while offering competitive salaries, with benefits. Transportation is readily available to and from appointments and outside endeavors, and meals, Internet and phone service, and so much more are provided to the live-in staff.

And because most of Kenwood Care’s live-in employees hail from the Philippines, owners John and Victoria made certain early on that their staff would have access to a Filipino television station, so they can keep close tabs on what’s going on back home.


Many professional caregivers say they entered the assisted living industry because they wanted to “give back.” But Bert Literal, longtime, live-in manager of Kenwood Care’s Glen Hill location, is perhaps the consummate giver. Before landing his job with the renowned assisted living home, he traveled to America from the Philippines to donate a kidney to his brother.

But Bert had more to offer after that one particular selfless act. And, so, instead of returning to his home country, he remained stateside and sought out ways that he could enrich other lives.

Twelve years ago, Bert applied for an open position at Kenwood Care Assisted Living – and was accepted.

“I’ve been here ever since,” he shares, pride evident in his voice.

At Kenwood Care, Bert says, it’s all about the residents.

“I enjoy serving them,” Bert says. “Playing with them and dancing with them during our activities. Sometimes we call the residents ‘mom’ or ‘dad.’ We think of ourselves as one big family.”

The appreciation a live-in caregiver receives – not only from the residents but also their relatives – is equally heartwarming, he notes. Occasionally, the children and extended families of residents bring food and gifts to show their appreciation for the care provided for their loved ones. Such gifts are never required, but always appreciated, Bert adds, and demonstrate the strong bond between the Kenwood community and the families they serve.

At Kenwood Care, managers like Bert are rarely confined to their offices; they actively engage with residents and assist their team whenever needed.

“We’re not only managing. We clean, we help residents with their daily activities, we assist in the dining room and the kitchen,” Bert explains.

As a manager of one of Kenwood Care’s four homes, Bert leads a skilled and dedicated team, which includes an assistant manager-slash-medical technician, a cook, and two caregivers, as well as night shift personnel. Not only are the members of his team proficient in their roles, but they have a unified goal in mind: providing an exceptional home away from home where seniors can age with dignity.

“They have a big heart,” Bert says of his crew.


Having live-in caregivers in a senior home is invaluable.

Not only do Kenwood Care’s team members take care of the ins and outs of a normal day – from Activities of Daily Living like getting dressed or taking a bath to medication administration, transportation, meal preparation, and so much more – but they also work with the Activity Coordinator to plan and oversee activities that provide both physical and mental stimulation while driving a sense of self-worth, happiness, and community.

Live-in caregivers are always around to provide a smile, a hug, a handshake, or even just a receptive ear. Simply seeing familiar faces ultimately wards off feelings of loneliness residents might otherwise have, while impacting their memory and mental acuity on a broad scale. Knowing that help is on hand, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provides comfort to residents and optimal peace of mind for their families.

Behind the scenes, John and Victoria Sessler, the owners of Kenwood Care, play a significant role in creating a supportive and caring work environment.

“They are good administrators,” Bert says. “They are very friendly. And they are very understanding. They’re always willing to offer help if and when we need it.”

And the job itself is an attractive prospect to others like Bert who have compassion to spare.

The nature of the Kenwood Care family is nothing if not supportive and close-knit, he says. And it is dedicated employees like Bert who ensure it stays that way. Together, they prove that being a live-in caregiver is not just a job, it’s a heartfelt calling.

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