Does Long Term Care Insurance Cover Assisted Living?

Long Term Care (LTC) is a benefit designed to assist people with health or personal care needs during a period of time. Kenwood Care is frequently asked if their Long Term Care Insurance covers assisted living. The answer depends on your LTC plan.


Long Term Care Coverage

Generally speaking, LTC is designed to be flexible when it comes to elderly care. It can pay for assisted living, nursing homes and adult day care.  Some plans do not cover in-home health care services.

The amount of coverage you have under an LTC plan varies by policy. Amounts can typically range from $2,000-$10,000 monthly. Long Term Care benefits usually will not kick in unless at least 2 of the activities of daily living can not be done by the policyholder.

Choose a Home Covered by Your Plan

Step 1 of the process is to determine if your Long Term Care insurance covers assisted living homes in general. Review your policy and call your carrier to determine this. Step 2 is to determine if the senior home you have chosen is approved by your insurance company. Contact your insurance company to verify if your new assisted living community qualifies under the provisions of your plan.

Kenwood Care and LTC

All 4 Kenwood Care assisted living homes are located in Howard County, Maryland. We offer around the clock care in a small, residential like setting. Glen Hill, Pine Hill, Autumn Hill and Maple Hill have all remained COVID-free throughout the entire pandemic.

Kenwood Care accepts Long Term Care payments. We meet all the requirements set by the state to qualify under the standards of assisted living. Kenwood has unparalleled around the clock care for its residents.

It is always a good idea to contact your Long Term Care insurance company before you select your senior living community. Kenwood Care is happy to work with you and your insurance company to verify your benefits.

Affordable, Fixed Rates

Kenwood Care offers affordable, fixed rates. The amount you pay will never increase. This allows our residents to ensure their new home will be within budget for all of their years to come. 

No matter the level of care required, your rate does not change. We do not charge a move-in or admission fee. Your monthly fee also includes medication management. The only things we do not include are the cost of medications, personal care items (such as toothpaste), incontinence supplies and supplementary dietary needs (Ensure).

Contact us today for a tour of one of our amazing senior living locations in Howard County. 

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