Moving a parent to assisted living can be extremely difficult. Once you’ve done the hard work of finding a facility that is a good fit for your parent, you’ll need to think about the actual process of moving them. Carefully considering everything from telling them about the move, the timing of the move, to what things to take along is essential. Here are some things to consider when going through this difficult transition.

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Bring the Necessities

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you bring anything your loved one needs. This can include medications, toiletries, clothing, etc. Anything they use on a daily, or weekly basis should go with them, assuming it is permitted at the facility. Depending on how your parent feels about the move to the assisted living facility in Maryland, it may be best for you to pack these items up for them while they are out of the house.

Often Overlooked Items

Many times, loved ones are moved to assisted living and certain items are overlooked, which in some cases can make the transition more difficult. Things like contact information for loved ones, writing materials, books, etc, are often forgotten, but remembering them can make the move easier for your parent. If your parent has certain small pieces of furniture they love, jewelry that is special to them, or activities they enjoy (such as knitting, painting or sewing) make sure to bring along those items as well.

Make it Feel Like Home

Perhaps the most important step in making the transition smooth is making their new room feel more like home. Bringing photographs and paintings can make a huge difference for your loved one. Photo albums and other sentimental items can remind them of loved ones and make their space feel more homey. In some cases, assisted living facilities even allow pets to come along with patients, so if your parent has a beloved, pet be sure to ask when looking into facilities.

Moving a parent, or any loved one, into a Maryland assisted living facility can be difficult and stressful. To make the transition easier on your loved one, make sure to carefully plan out the move ahead of time. Carefully considering what day would be best for the move is essential, as is packing everything they could want or need. Taking the time to do your research and plan out the whole process can save you and your parent stress and worry in the long run.

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