After a lifetime of living on your own, it’s hard to recognize that maybe it’s time you need help every day. While we understand the need for assisted living, your loved ones may not want to admit that assisted living is what they need. They might resist going or be hesitant about it, but that’s normal. Here are a few ways you can prepare your loved one for local assisted living, and help it be as comfortable for them as possible.

A happy elderly woman sitting with her daughter, talking pleasantly - Preparing Your Loved Ones for Assisted Living

The Big Decision

Make sure you are honest and open about what’s happening, and why it’s happening. It’s easier to make the move when your loved one has accepted that they need to be in assisted living, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it takes a little bit of convincing, and that’s where you need to be honest. Talk to your loved ones about what’s going to happen and what needs to happen, help them understand why assisted living is a good thing.

Keeping it Normal

Making the transition to assisted living isn’t going to be easy, but helping your loved one stay on the same daily routine makes it a little bit easier to get used to it. It’s something familiar in a new surrounding, and that will feel good for your loved one. If it’s easier for your loved one to adjust to a new home with a cup of coffee and the newspaper every morning, make sure they still have a cup of coffee and the newspaper every morning.

Helping them continue to do the same hobbies is also a great way to make the transition easier. Hobbies are something people do when they need to relax, and it’s good to feel relaxed in a new place and doing something familiar.

Another way you can make the transition easier on a loved one is, when decorating the room or home your loved one is now living in, bringing things from their independent life in to their new life. Things like old pictures, pillow, furniture, mugs, coasters, anything that your loved one may want to have every day to feel better about the move.

Stay in Touch

Keep the lines of communication with your loved ones as open as possible. Try to talk to them every day just to check in and show some love. Know that they’re still in the process of making friends, so they might be a little lonely the first few weeks, or months. A familiar voice is nice for them to hear. Keep them updated on your world, and ask them about theirs.

Staying in touch also means visiting. Visiting regularly ensures a familiar and friendly face for your loved one to see, which is always helpful while getting used to a new place.


Sending your loved ones a care package or flowers is a great way to put a smile on their face if they’re living in a place they’re not yet used to. Another surprise you could have in store for your loved one could be taking them to their old home, or their favorite barber shop, something that they have an old connection with. You could even surprise visit them on a day you have off from work, take them out to lunch to their favorite diner.

But Where Will Our Loved Ones Be Cared For?

At Kenwood Care, we provide the best transitional help for your loved ones. We have reliable staff that your loved one will see every day, and everyone is treated like they’re a part of our own family. It’s easy to settle in to a new place when the community already feels like family.

For your assisted living needs in Fulton, MD, Kenwood Care is sure to make your loved one feel over the moon about moving. Please contact us today to find our more about our care.

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