There’s nothing quite so satisfying as cracking open a book and enjoying the journey. Whether you’re reading the true story of historical event or a thrilling mystery, reading is more than just fun. It’s also good for you. Reading regularly can improve and impact many aspects of your life, particularly for seniors. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of reading.

benefits of reading for seniors

Reading Keeps the Mind and Memory Sharp

The simple act of reading actually requires a handful of skills to accomplish. You need to know not only what the words are, but what they say. You need to take that information and make sense of it. Then, you need to place that information into the context of the story, which requires your memory. All of these little processes are needed to do something as simple as read this paragraph and they become more demanding as you read more complex and difficult texts. This is great for keeping your mind sharp and maintaining an agile memory, which naturally helps to keep Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms at bay.

Reading Builds Character and Empathy

When you read a book about the life and experiences of another person, you get to know them better. You start to understand the way that they think about the world, their opinions, and perspectives. The more you learn about the beliefs of others, the more you realize that the world is a vast place full of many ideas, and thus, your ideas expand and develop further. You grow as a person every time you read a new story and the importance of that journey cannot be understated.

Reading Aloud Creates a Sense of Community

Though it may be kind of scary to think about reading aloud to your friends or family, it can actually provide a lot of benefit for everyone involved; it’s not just for kids. You have a lot of options for reading aloud that range from sharing a bit of your favorite poetry to reading a book that you and your friends enjoyed as children together. You can even read a few jokes. The content is yours to decide; the only requirement is that you’re having fun and sharing a moment of fellowship together.

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