We always want the best for our parents, and finding the best assisted living facility is one of the most helpful things we can do for them as they grow older. Here are some qualities of best assisted living facilities:

the Best Assisted Living Facility

  1. They plan activities to keep residents engaged. If care providers make a point to schedule activities and other events for their residence, it’s safe to assume that they truly do care for the well-being of those living there. It’s important for a facility to want to improve the quality of life of their residents and offer a variety of fun and interactive events on a regular basis.
  2. They focus on comfort. This can sometimes mean more than just beds and other furniture in the facility. Is there calm and relaxing décor throughout? Dull, drab colors and lack of an aesthetically pleasing environment can make residents feel as though they are at a medical facility, rather than at home.
  3. They offer a sense of community. It can be very lonely living apart from family and friends in an assisted living facility. Promoting relationships and group activities is a great way for providers to show how much they care about their residents. An ideal assisted living facility should always make their residents feel included and involved.
  4. They are well-maintained. Are the grounds well-landscaped? Do busy areas of the facility look organized and free from clutter? Are the bathrooms and bedrooms tidy? Providing a clean and healthy living space for residents is essential to their happiness and comfort.
  5. Their residents speak highly of them. You can easily tell if residents in an assisted living facility are happy with the care they receive and the residence they have been provided…they’re smiling! Word-of-mouth is how a lot of great facilities become well known, so be sure to choose a care provider that is well reviewed and comes highly recommended by others.

Does the assisted living facility you have chosen for your aging loved one(s) possess all of the above? If not, consider Kenwood Care. We are Howard County’s premier senior care provider and understand the importance of long-term care and helping to maintain & improve quality of life for those residing in our assisted living facilities. Contact us today if you are interested in our services or want to learn more about the excellent care we have to offer.

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