As you begin to think about senior living, one of the first decisions to make is are you looking for a large facility or a small, residential assisted living home? You will discover that assisted living homes come in all sizes. The focus should be on what is right for your senior? Where will they feel comfortable? Where can they receive the highest level of care?

Finding the answers to these questions can feel overwhelming. Doing research, reading blogs, taking tours and asking questions will help you make the best decision for your loved one.

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Benefits of a Small, Residential Assisted Living Home
Kenwood Care has 4 small, residential assisted living homes located in Howard County Maryland. At Kenwood, we offer the care you need, with the comfort of home. Our homes are located in Dayton, Fulton and two in Laurel. Each location is in a beautiful residential setting and features:

    • 24-Hour Care with 2.5:1 Resident-to-Caregiver Ratio
    • Best-In-State Medical Partners and Alzheimer Specialists
    • Affordable Fixed Rates

Kenwood offers a loving and warm environment to live safely and joyfully. We take senior care in Howard County seriously. Each of our 4 homes has up to 16 residents. We have a 2.5:1 resident to live- in caregiver ratio. The Kenwood approach to caring for our seniors allows us to provide the total continuity of care required. Seeing familiar faces each day helps avoid the confusion for patients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. We will tailor our services to meet your loved one’s unique needs at a fixed cost.

A smaller number of residents, also allows Kenwood Care to off home cooked meals. We pride ourselves on serving delicious and nutritious meals. All meals are prepared on-site and include fresh fruit and vegetables, quality cuts of meat, and homemade baked goods. We serve 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. Our caregivers are also able to manage dietary restrictions and allergies.

When asked about Kenwood Care, Elder Care Attorney Lindsay Moss says, “Whenever I walk into a Kenwood Care home, the feeling I get is, I would be comfortable with my parent being here. It feels like I am walking into a house. A house filled with laughter and love and home cooked meals.”

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about what Kenwood has to offer. Contact us today with any questions and to arrange a tour of one of our beautiful, residential assisted living homes.

The comfort of home. The care you need.

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