Springtime Activities for Elderly

Spring is right around the corner, bringing with it later daylight hours and warmer temperatures. Shake off those wintertime blues and enjoy these springtime activities with an elderly relative or friend!

  • Visit your local farmer’s market. Explore locally grown produce and plan to try some new recipes with fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Take a nature walk. As long as you avoid “April showers,” spring weather is among the most comfortable to experience outdoors. The air is crisp and warm, colorful flowers are springing to life, and animals in the wild make their own appearances to enjoy the beautiful weather.
  • Eat outdoors. Plan a picnic or snag a table at a favorite restaurant on the patio to enjoy a meal in the sunshine.
  • Do some spring cleaning. It might not be at the top of the “fun” list, but cleaning living areas helps promote a less cramped and crowded feel and can be a good motivator for other small projects that have been put off during the cold months.
  • Visit a nursery. Spring is the best time to find budding plants and flowers. Take some home to plant in a garden or decorate with indoors.
  • Explore local tourist attractions. Being a tourist in the city you live in can be fun! Take a day trip to a museum, aquarium, or other attraction you haven’t visited lately.
  • Head to the drive-in. Find the nearest drive-in movie theater and get tickets on a warm evening – experience a new movie you’ve been wanting to see the old-fashioned way, under the stars!
  • Watch a sporting event live. Whether it’s a grandchild’s soccer game or a professional baseball game, catching a live sporting event is a perfect springtime activity for people of people old and young.
  • Go out for ice cream. It’s finally warm enough to enjoy cold foods and beverages outside, so head to the nearest ice cream shop or snowball stand and cool off with a tasty treat.
  • Take up birdwatching. Invest in a bird feeder to attract them to your yard and watch from a window or lawn chair. Record the different kinds of birds you see and take note of which ones return the next time you watch.

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