As we start to look back on 2020 as Thanksgiving nears, it is sometimes hard to find things to be thankful for in this very stressful year.  At Kenwood Care Assisted Living, we are fortunate to have some happy thoughts from 2020 including our 25th anniversary, our amazing caretakers, remaining COVID-free and our nomination for the Best of Howard County.

Our 25th Anniversary

Kenwood Care Assisted Living celebrates 25 years of being in business in 2020.  For 25 years, Kenwood has operated its four Howard County residential homes and families have trusted us with their loved ones.  They have counted on Kenwood Care to take the very best care of them.  Families know we will provide them the safety, stability, care and love that our seniors deserve.  

Thank you for believing in us.

Our Homes Remain COVID-Free

COVID-19 has changed the world and has had an enormous effect on the Assisted Living and Nursing Home communities.  Our small, home-like residences reacted quickly to the pandemic and have managed to keep all four of homes COVID-free. This is truly something worth celebrating.  

We could not have remained COVID-Free without the dedication of our live-in caregivers.  Their dedication to the seniors that they take care of is immeasurable.  Owners John and Victoria Sessler and all of our families owe a world of gratitude to each and every one of our caregivers, doctors and nurses.  

Kenwood is thankful for our families.  You have all stepped up to show the staff of Kenwood Care how much you appreciate them. Our caregivers have received cards, meals, special desserts and flowers. 

Families have adjusted to the protocols we have in place and now use Skype and Facetime to connect.  This is not the same as face to face conversation. If we can continue to stay strong and stick to our protocols, we can get through this together.

Best of Howard County Nomination

For the second year in a row, Kenwood Care has been nominated for the Best of Howard County Award.  In a year full of bad news and turmoil, this truly put a smile on the faces of John & Victoria Sessler and all of the dedicated staff.  It is nice to be recognized for the hard work that the team puts in to provide safe, home-like settings. To all of those who voted for us as the Best of Howard County, we truly want to say THANK YOU.

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