As we age, we tend to collect more and more stuff. Some things might be of sentimental value, some might still see frequent use, and some we might have forgotten we even owned. Downsizing is essential for seniors to maintaining a healthy and safe living environment, especially for those with health problems or mobility difficulties.

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Here are some helpful tips for seniors that can help you or an aging loved one achieve and sustain a safe and healthy living space when it’s time to downsize.

Tip #1: Start With the Small Stuff

It can be overwhelming even just to think about moving into a new home, so don’t jump right in to the downsizing process head-first. Leave the large items like furniture and appliances that you no longer need for last. Begin by decluttering small spaces and rooms with items you can easily carry in your hands. If you have duplicates of belongings, take this time to get rid of any extras you may have held onto.

Tip #2: Go Through Rooms You Won’t Have in Your New Home

Downsizing means you’re going to have less space than you currently have to live in, so eliminate the rooms that won’t exist in your new home. This can include:

  • Home offices
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Basements
  • Extra bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Home gyms

Tip #3: Sell or Donate Belongings

Just because you’re downsizing doesn’t mean you have to be wasteful or throw things you once used in the trash. It’s an especially good idea to ask family members to hold onto keepsakes or items that were once very meaningful to you, so that their memory stays alive. Additionally, having a yardsale before your move can help rehouse items that are still in good condition, or even antiques. Have old clothes or housewares you no longer need? Donate them to a local charity or Goodwill to help the less fortunate while you downsize.

Tip #4: Consider an Assisted Living Home in Columbia, MD

Kenwood Care is an assisted living home in Columbia, MD with four convenient locations throughout Howard County. We pride ourselves on providing aging adults with a peaceful, safe, and healthy environment for them to live out their lives within a community. Contact us today to learn more about our homes and services.

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