Looking into assisted living homes? When touring an assisted living home, there are many things you should be looking out for during the walk-through. Here are a few tips for touring an assisted living home to help.

tips for touring an assisted living home

Ask About Activities

Activities are one of the most important aspects of an assisted living facility’s offerings. Your loved one’s daily life will be enriched by playing games, spending time with friends, and participating in outings, so make sure they will have the opportunity to enjoy things of that nature.

Here at Kenwood Care, we offer plenty of activities your loved one may enjoy participating in at their leisure. The option is open to them.

Make Sure Your Loved One is the Focus

At the end of the day, your loved one is the person who will be living in the assisted living facility, not you. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance they like the facility.

Though you may be more interested in a lavish apartment with lots of amenities, your loved one may prefer a more simple environment. To help you find the right space for your loved one, see what their preferences are for the following:

  • Room styles: minimalist vs. lavish
  • Color preferences: Living space, common areas.
  • Scheduled activities: bingo, bridge, karaoke, etc…
  • Outdoor features: gardens, walking paths, patios
  • Meal offerings: vegetarian, snacks, breakfast, etc…
  • TV / Movie accessibility and offerings
  • On-site / on-demand haircuts
  • and more!

Chat with the Residents and Staff Members

When you walk through a facility, it’s very important that you connect with the people who either live there or spend the majority of their time there. Watch as the members of the staff interact with the residents to see how warm their behavior is and whether or not the residents are happy to interact with them. Here at Kenwood we have a very low caregiver turnover rate, which is great for long-term residents and staff alike.

Ask them about the things that they like and dislike about living within the community. If they had one wish to improve their experience, what would it be? You should also ask them what they particularly enjoy about living in the facility.

Discover the Difference Kenwood Care Can Make

Kenwood Care is more than an assisted living facility, it’s your loved one’s future home. Through our services and the work of our staff, we provide top of the line assisted living care in Fulton, Dayton, and Laurel, Maryland.

If you would like to schedule a visit with one of our facilities in Howard County, contact us today.

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