If you use a wheelchair to get from place to place, you probably already know that it can sometimes be tough to travel. Here are some travel tips for wheelchair users on how to make your next trip more comfortable!

travel tips for wheelchair users

Take a Cruise

Cruise ships have made a point to be more and more accessible to those with physical limitations over the years. Many have made alterations to the cruise ship’s wheelchair lifts in order to get wheelchair users onto the boats that take passengers onto shore. This enables wheelchair users to enjoy the destinations, in addition to the cruise itself.

Ask Questions

Unfortunately, accessibility laws are not a universal standard. When a bus, plane, hotel, or resort claims it is “wheelchair accessible,” it could mean that it is simply able to be accessed, or that it is highly accommodating to those with disabilities.

Don’t be afraid to call ahead and speak with a customer service representative familiar with their own facilities, so you can make sure the transportation and lodging you use when you travel are suitable to your needs.

Work with a Travel Agency

Experienced travel agents are especially accommodating and widely available. Working with a travel agency allows you to explain your physical needs, in detail, and let a professional guide you towards the vacation spot you will enjoy the most.

In addition, they can help arrange wheelchair accessible transportation, and suggest activities you’ll be able to participate in while at your destination.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Many companies worldwide have special discount programs or money-saving opportunities for those who are disabled – use this to your advantage!

Some transportation businesses will allow you to travel first class for the price of coach seating, and museums and landmarks across the globe happily offer admission and tour discounts to those with a valid disability card.

Know Before You Go

Making yourself familiar with the travel laws regarding Americans with disabilities can help you be more prepared for traveling and make your trip go smoothly.

Take a look at the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and Americans with Disabilities Act so that you understand what services, facilities, and accommodations are and aren’t required. Knowing what to expect can really add to your ease of travel.

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