Assisted living facilities provide comfortable, home-like environments for seniors to live in when they can no longer live on their own. They provide 24/7 care and focus greatly on improving and maintaining the health and happiness of their residents. Although assisted living facilities pride themselves on being able to fully care for their residents, there is something important that you as a friend or family member can do to improve their time there in a way the faculty cannot: visit! Taking time to be in the company of your loved one while they are in an assisted living facility is a great way to help improve their quality of life.

Visitors lessen feelings of loneliness.

Regardless of the attentiveness of caregivers and quantity of interactions with other residents, seniors in assisted living homes can still feel very alone. Visiting with them and keeping them up to date on what is going on in your life as well as the lives of your closest family can help make them feel included and loved. Bring other family members they may have not seen in a while to visit as well – seeing familiar and friendly faces is sure to bring happiness and warmth.

Visitor importance for Assisted Living Facilities

Visitors help seniors stay engaged.

Assisted living facilities can offer a variety of activities to keep their residents busy, but they may not be emotionally or mentally engaging enough. Visiting your loved ones and speaking with them about their interests, daily lives, or current topics in the news can stimulate them mentally and boost their emotional health as well. Taking walks or performing physical activities with your friend or family member in assisted living care is another great way to keep them fully engaged.

Visitors can evaluate the quality of care that is being given.

Seniors in assisted living facilities may have a hard time translating their needs to caregivers and in turn may not be receiving the proper care that they need. Visiting allows you to visibly see how your loved one is doing and provides them with a trusted source with which to best communicate their needs. Always be sure to ask how they are doing, and report any concerns you have to the caregivers.

Visitor importance for Assisted Living Facilities

Visitors can help build relationships.

If you do not have a loved one in a Maryland assisted living facility but want to offer your time and company to those who are, you absolutely can. There are many seniors in assisted living homes that get very few visits from loved ones, and some may not be visited at all. Being a volunteer visitor to these homes is a selfless act that can brighten the lives of residents and greatly improve their quality of life.

Kenwood Care is Howard County’s premier senior care provider. We understand the importance of helping to maintain and improve quality of life for those residing in our assisted living facilities. Contact us today about visiting a loved one who currently resides in one of our facilities, or to become a volunteer visitor.

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