As you search for an assisted living facility, you may want to know what do people say about Kenwood Care? In this day and age of social media and Google reviews, it is easy to find the answer to that question. 

At Kenwood Care, we are always asking our families to provide us with feedback.  This information makes us better at what we do. Reviews are also a valuable tool to help those looking for an assisted living home make informed decisions.  Our hope is that the insight from our resident families will help you make the right choice for your senior.

What do people say about Kenwood Care?

What Do People Say About Our 4 Kenwood Care Homes?

Pine Hill

“Mom has been at Pine Hill in Laurel, MD since October 2018. We couldn’t be happier with the care that she has received …even so much as a sniffle and the staff is right on it! I haven’t seen such a caring group since mom had her strokes in 2016… we have total peace of mind knowing that she is safe and well cared for! The home reminds me of her home in Charlotte, Tennessee. A rural setting with corn fields, rolling hills… even a stable with horses! Such a beautiful place! The food is delicious and has helped improve mom’s appetite and helped her to gain weight. I would recommend Pine Hill to anyone looking for a great environment for their aging parent.”

“In the summer of 2011, we knew our parents were in need of assisted living, due to problems of mobility, daily hygiene needs and memory issues.  We were blessed to discover Pine Hill and the delightful owners, John and Victoria Sessler and the ever present caring staff.  We have been so pleased with the ongoing level of care that is delivered with kindness, compassion and a personal touch on a daily basis.  The owners directly oversee the care of the patients and the workings of the facility.  They are, also, an amazing resource of information regarding elder care and have been incredibly helpful in guiding us through challenging situations regarding our parents’ needs.  Pine Hill has a warm and friendly atmosphere and, as a family, we always feel welcome to visit anytime of day.  It is now 2018 and we are more than grateful for the care that Mom and Dad have received through these past years and for the relationships we share with the staff and other residents.”

 Autumn Hill

“This is the most magical place imaginable! The residential staff are, indeed, rock stars. The kindness, compassion, attentiveness, competence and professionalism – of the family owners, and all others affiliated with Autumn Hill (including clinical care providers) – is beyond impressive. We are lucky and grateful to have a cherished loved one living safely, happily and in the very best of hands here.”

“We can’t say enough to express our appreciation for the care my father-in-law received in his last years of life at Autumn Hill. Victoria Sessler, Kat, and the rest of the staff at Autumn Hill are simply top notch! They were attentive, caring, and supportive. Communication with us regarding my father-in-law’s care was always a staff priority, and this gave us real peace of mind. We are especially thankful for the end-of-life loving care that was provided.”

 Glen Hill

“Both my parents are there for over a year and I have to say the staff at Glen Hill is the best.  They are caring, compassionate, professional and treat my parents as one of their own family.  I have researched many places and my parents lived in one other facility.  Nothing compares in regards to care. I would recommend hands down.”

“My dad has lived at Glen Hill for over 3 years, and we feel lucky to have him there.  It is more of a home than a “facility.”  The caregivers do not change very often, and as a result they know my dad well; and that makes a big difference in the quality of the care he receives.  The owners, Victoria and John, are wonderful.  They care about their residents and the families, and are always willing to help.  They’ve helped us navigate some tricky issues, and I’m not sure what we would have done without them in those situations.”

 Maple Hill

“Finding a home for a loved one can be daunting. I toured multiple facilities and spoke to countless caregivers before ultimately deciding on Maple Hill.  I am happy to say that I have never regretted my decision. The entire staff truly represent what it means to be “caregivers”. I was lucky in that Maple Hill was close enough to home that I could bring my 2 young boys by every day to see my mom.It was like a second home for them. They loved going to see Grandma and enjoyed “hanging out” with the other residents. The communication was top notch. If my mom needed something I would get a call immediately. My entire family felt beyond lucky to have found such a warm and caring facility. I want to thank Victoria Sessler and the entire staff for everything they have done for my mom.”

“After having mom in one other Assisted Living; we knew it was time for a smaller setting, as with the progression of her Alzheimer’s she was not getting the attention needed from a larger community. We found Maple Hill. Mom has been there for over 2 years. I visit weekly. She is WELL TAKEN CARE of, seems happy and very content and rarely gets a cold and always smells “fresh”. My family is very happy with the care and attention provided. The caregivers/staff are very loving and attentive. The home is very beautiful in appearance and very bright and welcoming. Can’t say enough about Maple Hill.”

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