Palliative care is often used as a synonym to hospice and typically refers to a person’s end-of-life care. Palliative care doesn’t particularly focus on curing a patient’s illness; the diagnosis is commonly too severe and the illness incurable. Instead, palliative care focuses on improving your loved one’s quality of life as opposed to attempting ways in which to prolong it.

what is palliative care?

When is Palliative Care Recommended?

Typically, a doctor will recommend palliative care for a patients with a terminal or incurable health condition. In fact, the patient’s illness is usually so severe that it will reduce their quality of life as time goes on if the focus is on fighting the illness. For example, an incurable cancer would warrant a palliative care recommendation.

Kenwood Care’s Palliative Care Facilities

Here at Kenwood Care, we have extensive experience in delivering personable palliative care services. We’ve provided palliative care in Maryland to those residents with serious illnesses such as:

  • Kidney failure
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Heart failure
  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Lung disease

Kenwood Care’s assisted living facilities will be happy to accommodate your loved one’s need for palliative care. Our facilities offer 24/7 awake caregiver assistance and an almost 3:1 caregiver-to-resident ratio. Our proximity to Fulton, Columbia, Laurel, Dayton, Glenelg, Carriage Hill, Highland, and surrounding areas in Maryland makes it easy for you to visit your loved ones while we care for them.

Close Communication

Here at Kenwood Care, we know how important your loved one is to you. That’s why we take the extra care to ensure they are treated like family. We’ve also been around this kind of thing for quite some time and know what to look out for as “the time” gets near. As such, we will keep in close communication with you during the entire transitional phase while your loved one is with us to ensure you are kept in the loop.

It’s Also About you

Remember, bringing a loved one into palliative care isn’t just about them. Palliative care is also about those who care about the patient in need. At Kenwood Care, our facilities can accommodate your visits whenever you like, and we are here to talk with you, answer any of your questions, and assist you as best we can during the whole process.

If your loved one is in need of palliative care, get in touch with the Maryland palliative care facilities at Kenwood Care today. Kenwood Care is the area’s premiere assisted living facility offering palliative care to area residents. For more information, give Kenwood Care a call at 855-709-6995 or fill out the form on our website today for a free consultation!

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