Wheelchairs have negative connotations that surround them. Many people, especially seniors, may resist investing in a wheelchair because they may think that it will limit them and diminish their independence. However, this is not the case.

In fact, wheelchairs can offer a new sense of freedom to the people that use them.

An elderly couple in wheelchairs looking out at the sea

It’s Okay to Need Help

Whether you’re 25 or 75, there are times when you need help. Though everyone, in all walks of life, needs a little help from time to time, a lot of people won’t ask for it and if it is offered, they will refuse. It’s human nature to want to appear strong and independent; our entire culture revolves around praise in this regard.

No one wants to seem like they can’t handle their affairs on their own, but needing help is okay. It’s part of life. It’s far better to ask for or accept the help that you need to live life to the fullest than pretend like everything is fine and suffer in silence.

If you or your loved one needs the assistance of a walker or wheelchair, there may be a concerted effort to ignore the problem and hope for the best. You just have to ask yourself if refusing help is going to lead to a rewarding life.

Give Yourself the Opportunity to Succeed

Living a full and rewarding life should always be the most important factor in the decisions that you make. Many seniors who resist mobility aids when they need them stop going out. They may give up on being social or doing the activities that they used to enjoy because they don’t feel safe. This can lead to feelings of helplessness, isolation, and even depression.

Getting the help that you need may not feel good at first. It might feel like you’re giving up and giving in to the inevitable, but here’s the good news. You’ll be able to go to your grandchild’s soccer game again. You’ll be able to comfortably join in on activities you stopped going to. You’ll be able to be social because you’ve given yourself the opportunity to accept the help you need to succeed.

Kenwood Care Is your Opportunity to Live Well

For older adults who need help with daily tasks, an assisted living home can offer new freedoms. When you have the help you need, there’s so much more you can enjoy about life. Our facilities have comfortable accommodations where staff can assist when necessary with respect to privacy and independence.

Make the most of your golden years with the help of Kenwood Care. We look forward to helping you succeed. If you have questions about our homes, contact us today.

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