When is Hospice Care Required

Hospice care isn’t for everyone, but it is very advantageous to those who need it. Hospice care workers do their best to eliminate chronic pain in patients, as well as tend to their emotional and spiritual needs when they are suffering from a serious or terminal illness. So when is hospice care a requirement?

When a Terminal Illness Has Been Diagnosed

The main purpose of hospice care is to provide patients that have been diagnosed as terminally ill with care that will make them as comfortable and peaceful as possible in the short time they have left to live. While establishments like nursing homes can be helpful to patients who have debilitating illnesses, hospice care facilities can do much more for people to improve their quality of life and help with pain relief during the last stage of life, and not just partial management.

When Family Isn’t Able to Provide Proper Care

It may be difficult for family to accept that a loved one needs more assistance and care than they themselves can provide. One of the first steps in admitting them to hospice care is understanding that we cannot give our loved ones the medical, physical, and emotional attention that is required in order for them to have the best end-of-life experience possible. Hospice staff has the experience and dedication to provide the best possible living situation for those who are terminally ill. Whether care is provided at home or in a hospice facility, the focus is entirely on making the patient as comfortable and at peace as possible. It isn’t ever a bad idea to relinquish responsibility as a family member if it becomes too much to handle and pass it along to those who can provide proper and better care – hospice care workers are dedicated completely to taking care of those who are dying and want to spend the rest of their days as free of pain and suffering as possible.

When Many Forms of Personal Care are Necessary

Hospice provides many different aspects of care to each patient. Professionals help the terminally ill by administering medication to eliminate pain, offering emotional and spiritual support to promote a peaceful end-of-life experience, providing consistent 24-hour service, creating care plans to ensure the patient has a full and active final stage of life, and much more. Hospitals can be lacking in assisting the terminally ill with the emotional aspects of living through the last days, weeks, or months of their life, and sometimes family is not able to help with the medical aspects. Hospice staff have the willingness and ability to provide unlimited assistance to patients who are unable to find personal care necessary to improving their quality of life elsewhere.

When Pain Needs to be Controlled Medically

Assisted living communities and nursing homes can only do so much to help control and manage the pain their patients suffer from. Hospice care focuses primarily on removing pain and suffering whenever possible, rather than simply providing temporary relief. More can be done medically by hospice care professionals, thus benefiting those whose pain is more severe and constant. Hospice staff works directly with the patient’s physician to ensure medication and procedures are utilized when needed as a part of the patient’s care plan.

Hospice care focuses on providing the most comfortable and pleasant end-of-life experience, rather than the prolonging of life. It is important to understand when hospice care is required and who it is the most necessary for. If you believe your loved one fits the requirements for hospice care, consider Kenwood Care as an option. Kenwood provides many aspects of care necessary for the terminally ill and employs caregivers that specialize in counseling, therapy, medicine, and psychology. We do our very best to promote a pain-free and peaceful final stage of life, and always take into account all the needs of the patient, as well as concerns of the family when planning and following an end-of-life care plan. Contact us today to learn more about hospice care and find out if Kenwood Care is the best option for your loved one.

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