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Senior citizens and elderly people require specialized care. The challenges that come along with the increased life expectancy require that the caregivers have specific skill set. Nursing homes are supposed to provide the highest level of elder care to the seniors admitted in their facilities. You would want your relatives to get an experienced and loving care. However, most of the nursing homes do not follow the strategy of more nurses per admitted elders. But Kenwood in Maryland defies the mandatory requirement of one nurse per patient by increasing the ration to 3:1. Continue reading to know why this ratio is more important for your elderly relatives.

Devoted Attention

Senior citizens require devoted attention and continual reassurance that they matter. A higher nursing staff ratio to the patients means that there will always be a nurse available to cater to the needs of the elderly patient. The trained and skilled staff will provide a homelike family care to the senior patients, which will guarantee that there is always someone present to cater to their needs devotedly round the clock.

Quality and Focused Care

Quite naturally, when there are more nurses for a single patient, the staff will never be overworked. The quality of care given to the patients will automatically improve. The focused care will improve the living conditions of the patients and the chances of developing other medical conditions will be reduced. The patients will be given timely and routine care.

Higher Staff Ratio Is Equivalent to Less Complications

It has been scientifically proven that a greater number of nurses translates into less problems. But, when the concerned patients are senile, extra care must be provided. This is because of the fact that senior people can suffer from multiple medical conditions. The aging process is not merciful. Therefore, the risk of developing health complications amongst the elderly people is greater. When there are more nurse to take care of the elderly patients, medical complications will be reduced.

The Howard County Kenwood Care Assisted Living ensures that trained and educated staff members provide loving care to the patients. The nursing home provides a homelike environment to the senior patients where they can live their lives independently with the advantage of additional nursing staff. The 3:1 ratio of staff versus patients helps in making sure that each patient is treated accordingly and the tailored nursing staff services ascertain that all the needs of your loved ones are met through experienced care.

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