aging in home-like environments

Aging is just a natural process and it can be bittersweet. On one hand, you feel proud for knowing or being with someone who’s had such a beautiful, rich life, yet on the other hand, you know they’re on the last leg of their cycle. In an odd way, much like the story of Benjamin, the elderly and infirm revert back to the stage of being a child again.

For this purpose, an assisted living facility can be a great option. A good assisted living facility looks after the medical and physical needs of the elderly and ensures they get to spend their days comfortably.

When picking an assisted living facility though, pay attention to the kind of living environment the facility provides. While most environments work, here are a few reasons why home-like environments are better and important:

Makes the Transition Easier

Moving to a new place can be stressful and nerve-racking for the best of us. Now imagine having to do that when you’re no longer young or can’t look after yourself very well? An assisted living facility with a home-like environment makes the transition easier and greatly reduces the stress and anxiety one would feel when they’re no longer in the familiar surroundings they’ve been used to.

Develops a Sense of Ownership

Many elderly suffer from depression owing to the fact that they often feel helpless or unable to do the things they used to do. Imagine spending most of your life looking after yourself and now needing help for every single thing. Yet, a home-like environment creates a bigger sense of ownership by encouraging them to do things on their own. Whether it’s watering a plant, making cocoa, or knitting a sweater, having something which belongs to them helps give them their ownership back.

Builds a Bigger Sense of Responsibility

All adults feel a bigger sense of responsibility when they have a certain role or a job to fulfill. An elderly person has retired and has nothing more to do. This could really cause them to revert to a child like state. With nothing to do, they do throw more temper tantrums and it makes one feel useless. With a home-like environment, there can be activities and other responsibilities given to them which make them feel like they are contributing and helping out.

Makes One Respect and Value Others

A home-like environment can place more value on ownership and responsibility which in turn leads to one giving and receiving respect from others. For many elderly, this is an important feature and one which they have to re-learn again at times.

Many have had to depend or rely on others to look after them. With a home–like environment, they can expect to be helped when needed, but they will be given privacy and responsibilities which can lead to them feeling like they belong, like they are their own person again. At the end of the day, it’s what anyone really wants and feeling like that is one of the biggest sources of happiness.

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