Assisted Living Facility Dayton, MD – Glen Hill

Our assisted living facility in Dayton, MD is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Howard County, Maryland. It’s far from busy streets and close to nature—barely any change of scenery for seniors who used to live in Glenelg, Olney, Sunshine, Brookeville, Clarksville, Lisbon, Unity, Damascus, Glenwood, West Friendship, Clarksville or other nearby areas.

Similar to our other 3 Howard County assisted living facilities, this residential care home in Dayton excels in providing the following services:

  • Palliative Care
  • Aging in Place Care
  • Care Through Hospice
  • Assisted Living Care
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assisted living facility dayton md
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The Level of Care We Provide

Our 6 trained and carefully selected caregivers assist our residents 24/7 with a variety of daily activities and care needs. We are qualified to provide the highest level of assisted living care your loved one may require, and can help them compensate for poor sight, hearing, mobility, memory and any number of physical and mental limitations.

This is by no means the complete list of the types of care we provide, but it should give you an idea of how far our services extend:

  • General housekeeping and laundry services
  • Assistance with bathing, dressing and personal care
  • 24-hour supervision including awake overnight care
  • Supervision of medications as needed
  • Home-cooked meals and snacks
  • Daily motivation and emotional support
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy and other special therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Acquisition of medical equipment
  • Delivery of pharmaceuticals
  • Mobile dentistry and x-rays
  • Arranged transportation

Our residents are encouraged to maintain independent or semi-independent lifestyle and receive only as much assistance as they require. We do our best to help your loved one stay active and enjoy their time at Glen Hill despite any chronic illnesses or health issues.

Our Facility and Amenities

Kenwood Care’s Dayton assisted living facility is the largest of the 3 facilities we manage. It features over 3,500 square feet of living space tucked away from the main road on a 3.7-acre lot. We acquired this property back in 2000 and made numerous changes to the layout and design to make this home more accessible and suitable for assisted living.

Among other accommodations, our Dayton facility offers:

  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Shared common areas
  • Ample parking for guests
  • Warm family atmosphere
  • Wi-Fi internet and FiOS TV
  • Secure outdoor living area
  • Wheelchair ramps and ADA-compliant living space
  • Phone service
maryland senior living home care

Convenient Location

Our Glen Hill residential care home in Dayton is conveniently located to many nearby communities and towns. If you live or work in any of these areas, it will be easy for you to visit your loved one whenever you want: Dayton, Glenelg, Sunshine, Clarksville, Columbia, Olney, Brookeville, Damascus, Lisbon, Unity, Glenwood, Benson, Cooksville, West Friendship or Clarksville.

Contact Our Dayton Assisted Living Facility

Address: 14269 Triadelphia Mill Road, Dayton, MD 21036

Phone: (410) 846-6753

Contact us to schedule a tour or request a consultation to discuss Maryland senior care options for your loved one.

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