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Do you accept insurance?

Kenwood Care works with most insurance companies that provide long-term care insurance (LTCI). If you have coverage through LTCI, contact us to confirm whether our services will be covered under your policy.

Where are your facilities located?

Kenwood Care has 4 assisted living facilities in Maryland: one in Fulton, two in Laurel and one in Dayton. If you draw a line between Baltimore and Washington, DC on a map, our facilities will be right in the middle, allowing for the convenient commute from both metro areas. Visit our contact pages for the addresses and contact information.

Will my loved one have to move when it’s time for hospice?

Not at all! At Kenwood Care we will work with your hospice provider to ensure your loved one can remain in our facility while receiving hospice care. Our residents tend to stay with us until the end of their days, and our caregivers can tailor care to address your loved one’s changing needs.

Is anyone available to assist my loved one at night?

Yes, we have at least one awake caregiver per facility, ready to tend to your loved one’s needs.

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What are your visiting hours?

Our official visiting hours are between 9am and 9pm, but we are flexible if you need to visit your loved one outside of these hours, as long as your visit doesn’t disturb other residents.

Are your assisted living facilities for any senior?

No, our services are not for everyone. Assisted living facilities are best suited for seniors in good health who need assistance with daily living tasks. Although we have a registered nurse oversight, we don’t provide active medical care outside of emergency situations and hospice. If your loved one requires ongoing monitoring from a doctor, they may benefit from full-time healthcare provided in a nursing home.

What training do your caregivers receive?

At Kenwood Care, we understand that the skills, compassion, and expertise of caregivers are major factors in the quality of care your loved one receives. We hire only experienced caregivers, and the majority of our staff have been with us for many years. Our caregivers are GNAs (Geriatric Nursing Assistant) and CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant).

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What type of food do you serve?

Each of our facilities has its own kitchen where fresh and healthy home-cooked meals are prepared on a daily basis. We serve lots of fruit and vegetables to help your loved one meet the recommended daily requirements. We also ensure that the food is prepared and served in a way that is easy for an elderly person to consume.

My mom is allergic to citrus, will you take care of her diet?

No worries, we will take care of everything. As a part of our admission process, we will ask you or your loved one about any allergies or other dietary restrictions. This information will be provided to our cooks and caregivers to ensure full compliance.

What level of care do you provide?

The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) classifies all Maryland assisted living facilities into 3 levels of care: low, moderate and high. All of Kenwood Care’s facilities are classified as Level 3: High Level of Care. This means we are able to assist your loved in any number of daily activities and help monitor a variety of health conditions.

My parent has a history of psychiatric episodes, will you accept them?

It will depend on the type of mental condition your loved one suffers from. We take the safety of our residents seriously, and wouldn’t want to put them at risk if your loved one has a tendency to harm themselves or others. Please contact us for an evaluation.

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Can you provide proper care for an Alzheimer’s patient?

Alzheimer’s patients require additional care and supervision, which Kenwood Care will happily provide to your loved one. Our staff is experienced in caring for residents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia and can ensure that your loved one maintains the highest quality of life possible.

Do your facilities have Wi-Fi or cable TV?

Yes, all of our residents enjoy free high-speed Wi-Fi internet, FiOS TV and telephone service.

What kind of activities do you offer for seniors?

We offer a variety of activities and entertainment options your loved one can enjoy by themselves or in a group setting. There is bingo, karaoke, puzzles, board games, and Wii. We also have a spacious patio for outdoor lounging. Our residents are free to attend local community events or head out for lunch or dinner with family members.

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"Knowing my Mom always has the same caregiver who truly understands her needs is something I am so thankful for...we are very grateful we found Kenwood. "

- L.W.

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