Assisted Living Facility Fulton MD

Our assisted living facility in Fulton, MD is one of four that we operate in Howard County Maryland. It opened it’s doors in 1997 and has been servicing the Fulton, MD area with only the highest level of service ever since. We offer service to seniors with varying levels of needs and required care. There is no age limit and no seniors are denied because they require a high level of care. Here are some of the services offered at this facility:

Palliative Care

Palliative care is essentially hospice, or end-of-life care. Many doctors recommend this kind of care for seniors that have a disease that is incurable and/or terminal.

Assisted Living Care

Many seniors don’t require specific care, but are unable to live alone anymore. For these seniors, assisted living may be the answer. Our assisted living facilities offer only the highest level of care. We provide a home-like environment complete with furnishings and homemade meals. We are also proud of our caregiver-resident ratio, which exceeds the Department of Health’s requirements.

Aging in Place Care

Aging in place has traditionally referred to a senior living in their own home, but has come to include those living in a non-healthcare environment. The difference between aging in place living and that of a nursing home, is that nursing homes have a healthcare focus not seen with aging in place.

Hospice Care

Our Autumn Hill facility in Fulton, MD is fully equipped for hospice care, and will allow for your loved ones to live out their final months in peace. While we don’t provide hospice care ourselves, we can assist with the selection of hospice services and providers.

Assisted Living Facility Fulton MD
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