Maryland Assisted Living Services

Kenwood Care provides a variety of assisted living and memory care services in Howard County, Maryland area. Each of our 4 senior care facilities in Fulton, Laurel and Dayton is staffed and outfitted to deliver the highest level of care and assistance your loved one may need. Whether they have painful joints from arthritis or are permanently restricted by wheelchair use, we will tailor our services to meet your loved one’s current and future daily living needs.

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Maryland Assisted Living Services

Kenwood Care residents love our facilities and our caregivers, because we give them the means to be semi-independent, while providing assistance where they need it. We can do laundry, clean, cook, run errands, as well as provide on-demand physical therapy, grooming, podiatry and other services. Our goal is to help your loved one avoid any strenuous, painful or frustrating tasks, but at the same time allow them to experience life and remain social an active as far as their health permits.


All four Kenwood Care Assisted Living homes offer the comfort of home with the care you need. When you choose Kenwood Care as your next home you will receive personalized 24-hour live-in care with the best-in-state medical partners. Our small, residential homes provide a wide variety of activities to stimulate the mind and the body including chair yoga, games and musical entertainment. The home-like atmosphere at Kenwood allows residents plenty of opportunities for socialization in our comfortable common areas which also include beautiful outdoor spaces.  

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Aging at home, although desirable by many seniors, is usually impractical and expensive. Kenwood Care offers affordable, fixed rates for around-the-clock care. We understand that our residents are on a fixed income and want the peace of mind that their expenses will remain the same throughout their entire time at Kenwood. The earlier your loved one moves in, the sooner they will feel at home in one of our 4 Howard County residential homes. We offer everything your loved one needs to age in place safely and comfortably.

Request a consultation with one of our senior care experts to talk about how your loved one can maintain high quality of life in one of our assisted living facilities.

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