One of the most overlooked aspects of health is nutrition, and this is a fact that is true no matter what age you are. However, despite its importance, many older Americans fail to receive the appropriate level of nutrition they need to stay healthy. As an experienced Columbia, MD senior care provider we know a lot about senior nutrition, and we wanted to share some of this knowledge with you.

why nutrition is essential for seniors

Increase Their Caloric Intake

Many seniors lose their appetites as they get older, and many don’t receive all of the calories they need. This leaves a hole in their diet; one that needs to be filled. Here are a couple of foods that many seniors enjoy and that can help increase their caloric intake:

  • Milkshakes and smoothies – Firstly you can make smoothies and milkshakes out of anything and in any flavor, ensuring that there’s something here for every senior. They’re also great for any seniors that have trouble chewing and digesting food.
  • Dehydrated milk – Can be added to cereal or any creamy sauce to help boost calories and add protein.
  • Eggnog – Most people think that eggnog is only a holiday drink, but it can be drank all year round. It’s particularly great because of all of the calories.

The Social Aspect of Food is Important

Nowadays most people eat on the go, and the days of the whole family sitting around the table eating dinner are rare. This isn’t necessarily a positive. The social aspect of eating should not and cannot be disregarded. As a Columbia, MD senior care provider we understand this and that’s why we allow for and encourage our seniors to eat together.

Work With an Experienced Columbia, MD Senior Care Provider

Here at Kenwood Care, we’ve been providing our senior care services in Howard County, MD for years, and we’ve loved every moment of it. Our clients are more than just that, they’re our friends and our families and we treat them as such. Don’t allow your loved one to suffer from improper nutrition, get some help from a professional Columbia, MD senior care provider.

Our team of senior care experts is standing by ready to answer any questions you may have and is ready to help you in any way possible. Give us a call today.

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