It’s finally spring, and the weather is finally nice again. Your loved one in an assisted living home may want to enjoy this nice springtime too, but they are no spring chicken anymore, so it might be harder for them to find something they might enjoy. As you get older, the less you’re able to do, and your senior might not be able to do the spring festivities they once loved. But there are still some ways your senior can enjoy the spring.

Spring Activities for Seniors

Get Outside

There are so many different things you can do that don’t involve a whole lot of physical exertion. Take a little walk around the neighborhood, or go to a nice outdoor restaurant. You can also plant a garden with your loved ones, which gives them an on-going activity to do outside while the weather is nice.

You could also take your loved one on a picnic, or go bird watching in nature. Along those same lines, you can invest in a bird feeder for your loved one so they have beautiful birds visiting them throughout the day. Going to a park for a walk is also a good source of entertainment, as well as exercise.

Host a Gathering

Whether it’s friends and family, just friends, or just family, a gathering of people your senior holds dear to their heart is a good way to get them excited and out and about during the spring. It’s a fresh new season that feels like the start of something new, and hosting an outdoor gathering with senior-friendly games and other fun activities will put everyone in a good mood.

Join the Community

Whether it’s the local community or the assisted living community, get your senior to go out to different community events. Most assisted living homes put on events to get seniors outside and active so they don’t waste away the nice springtime weather.

Communities surrounding an assisted living home also offer a plethora of springtime activities, from farmers markets to possible outdoor concerts. It’s always good to have a look around to see if there are any outdoor, springtime events that your loved one would like to go to.

If you think your loved one would enjoy the springtime more in assisted living in Laurel, MD, with a community of seniors they can become family with, look no farther than Kenwood Care. At Kenwood Care, we treat our residents like family and we make sure they’re enjoying the springtime. Contact us today for more information about our services and how we can help you.

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