As we spend time with our elderly loved ones, we may begin to notice that they get confused or forgetful at times.  For a while, we can explain this away by saying things like “well, they are getting older”.  When you realize it is more than old age, what do you do when your loved one has dementia?  Do you move your loved one into your home and try to take over their care, do you bring in home health care specialists or do you find a quality assisted living home?

At Kenwood Care Assisted Living, we provide a home-like setting with all of the resources of a large scale facility, including top-of-the line dementia care.  Kenwood has 4 assisted living locations in Howard County, Maryland.  Each of our homes offers a beautiful residential setting allowing our residents to feel like they are still at home.

When your loved one has Dementia, it is very important to have structure and continuity of care. Kenwood has a resident to caregiver ratio of approximately 2.5:1.  Our live-in staff is with your senior day and night which really allows them to get to know each other.  This continuity of care allows our residents to feel more at ease which causes less stress and confusion in their daily lives, which is so important for anyone with Dementia. This also allows our caregivers to notice very quickly when baseline behaviors of residents begin to change.

Kenwood Care works with top-rated Alzheimer/Dementia Specialists within the medical field.  These doctors rotate through our four senior living homes on a consistent basis.  Our residents love that their doctors do house visits.

When you find yourself asking the question “What do I do when my loved one has dementia?” the answer is to contact Kenwood Care Assisted Living. After 25 years of serving our senior living community, we know how to best take care of your loved one.  Many questions can be answered by visiting our Frequently Asked Question page, but we would love to talk with you and see if Kenwood Care is the right fit for your loved one.

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