The winter can be difficult for seniors for many reasons. Not only is the weather less comfortable, but the holiday season is here. The holidays can be difficult for older adults who may be coping with loss or missing people that they no longer get to see. Seasonal depression can also play a role here. Today we’re going to go over some of the ways that you can help your loved one throughout the winter season.

how to help your elderly loved one in the winter

Keep Them Nice and Warm

The cold can wreak havoc on achy joints and arthritic hands, but you can help your loved one get through the winter by keeping them nice and warm. To make this even more enriching, you can visit with your elderly loved one and crochet warm items together. Not only will you lighten up your loved one’s day, you’ll also get some awesome accessories to take with you!

Encourage Them As Often As You Can

Like we mentioned earlier, seasonal depression can hit people pretty hard once the days get shorter and the temperature drops. Part of working against that depression is through community and love, as clich√© as that may sound. So, go visit your loved one. Call them on the phone. Tell them you love them. It matters and as much as it will mean to them, you’ll find your own heart a bit lighter too.

Make Sure They’re Safe

If your loved one is living alone or with another elderly partner, then you should keep an extra-watchful eye on them during the wintertime. As we get older, our ability to regulate our temperature changes and, if left alone, can result in dangerous living conditions. For example, a loved one may not realize that their heat is up to dangerous levels. Not to mention that they may not remember to turn off a space heater if they have one! It’s far better to check in on your loved one periodically and make sure they’re alright.

Make the Season Special

Though winter can be challenging for many people, it’s also the time of year when we enjoy a great many holidays. Part of supporting your loved one during the winter is making the season special with them. Without the love and support of friends and family, the holiday season can be heavy and even painful. However, when we spend it together, the holiday season can be so much more than a simple collection of months.

Kenwood Care Is Here to Help

Here at Kenwood Care, we know how important it is to make the holiday season warm and bright. That’s why we provide an intimate care setting where we treat our residents like family. Contact us today to find out if one of our assisted living homes is right for your loved one. When you work with us, your loved one will never have to face the holidays alone again.

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