The emergence of COVID-19 has affected all of our lives, but it has hit our elderly population the hardest.  Our senior loved ones are being asked to take safety precautions to keep themselves safe and healthy.  Unfortunately, our loved ones are dealing with feelings of loneliness caused by the self isolation required to stay safe.  The elderly may also be neglecting other health conditions because they are afraid to attend appointments outside of the home.  The use of home health care aides may also cause concerns for some because those aides are visiting other people’s homes as well. 

With all of these valid concerns, you may be asking yourself what to do?  How do we deal with our concerns and still stay healthy?  You may be asking yourself, is it safe to move into an assisted living home during the pandemic?  If you are looking at Kenwood Care for your assisted living needs, then the answer is yes.

safe to move into assisted living during pandemic

Kenwood Care Assisted Living homes have been owned and operated by Victoria and John Sessler for 25 years in the Howard County area and all four of our homes have remained COVID-free throughout the pandemic.  Kenwood Care has four locations: Maple Hill in Laurel, MD, Autumn Hill in Fulton, MD, Glen Hill in Dayton, MD and Pine Hill in Laurel, MD.  Each of our homes offers a beautiful, small residential setting, and they are designed to provide a home-like atmosphere.

You may be asking yourself how has Kenwood managed to remain COVID-free throughout this pandemic?  From the onset of the pandemic, Kenwood put in place strict safety protocols and had an ample supply of PPE.  The staff at Kenwood Care are all live-in caregivers.  As the nation sheltered in place, so did our highly dedicated staff which has kept residents safe. 

As COVID-19 has continued to change our lives, Kenwood had to ask themselves, is it safe to move into an assisted living home during the pandemic?  Should we be accepting new residents into our homes since the need is so great for our loved ones to receive the medical care that they need and to be with other seniors so they don’t feel lonely and isolated?  The answer was a resounding yes. Kenwood Care knew they had to establish strict step-by-step protocols in order to keep all of the current residents safe.  

How has Kenwood made moving in safe?
Kenwood established an apartment within the homes where the new resident is able to quarantine with a COVID-free caregiver for a period of time.  The new resident is tested multiple times to ensure that they do not carry the COVID-19 virus.  Once the quarantine period expires and we have ensured the new resident is COVID-free, they are then moved directly into their new home where they can begin a happy and fulfilled life while receiving top-notch medical care.

So, you wonder if it is safe to move into an assisted living home during the pandemic? The answer is YES if your choice is Kenwood Care Assisted Living.  Contact us today if you have additional questions about our homes or our procedures.  We would be more than happy to share our success stories with you.

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