Haver you ever wondered what are the benefits of exercise for the elderly?

Well, as we age, our bodies take on new changes that can make daily living more challenging. Aging seniors may become more prone to illness, less mobile, and reliant on additional assistance for tasks of daily living (TDLs). While these changes are inevitable, they are almost always unwelcome – and can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration. The good news, however, is that regular exercise can help slow down this process, allowing aging seniors to stay healthy, independent, and active for longer.

Assisted living homes, in particular, can help our aging family members unlock the fountain of youth, so to speak, by providing an emphasis on fitness and well-being, and promoting the many benefits of regular workout sessions.

What are the benefits of exercise for the elderly? Consider the following:

  1. Improved Health and Wellbeing

Regular exercise has been scientifically shown to improve heart health, boost immunity, and lower the risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease – all conditions that are more common as we grow older.

Exercise can also help seniors maintain a healthy weight, increase their energy levels and range of motion, and improve sleep, mood, and cognitive function. These benefits often translate into a higher quality of life and a more positive outlook on aging.

  1. Increased Mobility and Independence

One of the biggest fears for many seniors is the loss of mobility and independence, which can lead to a decline in mental health and a greater sense of isolation or loneliness.

Exercise, however, can help seniors maintain or even improve their strength, flexibility, and balance, reducing the risk of falls and helping them move around easily and comfortably. This renewed vigor can help them stay independent and socially active well into their advanced years.

  1. More Social Opportunities

Exceptional assisted living homes offer exercise classes and group fitness activities, providing an opportunity for seniors to mingle and make new friends.

Group exercise also helps seniors stay motivated and accountable, making it more likely that they’ll stick to a regular fitness routine. The social aspect of exercise can be particularly beneficial for those who are feeling lonely or depressed, helping them feel connected to others and engaged with the world around them.

  1. A Big Boost to Confidence

When seniors participate in regular exercise routines, they may experience an increased sense of control over their health and well-being. This gives their sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy a jolt, as they feel more in control of their lives and their bodies. This newfound confidence frequently translates into other areas of their lives, helping them feel more empowered and capable of taking on new challenges.

  1. Enhanced Mental Health

The endorphins released during exercise have a positive impact on mental activity and acuity, reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Exercise can also serve as a distraction from negative thoughts and feelings, instead providing seniors with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Regular exercise has also been shown to improve cognitive function, including memory and problem-solving skills, helping seniors stay mentally sharp as they age.

In short, regular exercise can help combat the aging process. Its multiple benefits help aging seniors stay healthier, more independent, and more engaged with life – and much happier as they transition to an assisted living home.

When choosing a new home for your loved one, it is important to consider the staff’s commitment to fitness and well-being.

At Kenwood Care, our team understands how crucial mental and physical stimulation are to our seniors’ happiness. Here, we have a dedicated Activity Coordinator who works to involve the residents in each home with activities that include:

  • Group exercise
  • Chair yoga
  • Stretching
  • Sit and fit
  • And more!

What are the benefits of exercise for the elderly? Contact our team today to learn more or to schedule a visit.

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